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Discussion in 'WIP and Development Status' started by p000ison, Apr 15, 2014.


Are you interested in an update of SimpleClans?

  1. Yes, definitely!

  2. I don't care, already found an alternative.

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    Please take into consideration pre-setup servers, I have been looking for something that is-NOT factions, that would run alongside GriefPrevention, its the best land management system that exists for minecraft servers and would be perfectly paired with SimpleClans/NewName.

    Also looking at your requirements for things like Stats and Ranks, These already exist, are used and well maintained, I use http://dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/lolmewnstats/ for stats, it has an API, USE THIS!

    Ranks should be setup using a permission system, so support use of Groupmanager/PEX.
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    This is great. Awesome initiative P00ison . Gonna see if I find some time to contribute as well, after I launch a project i've been working on. Add me on the Programmers list.
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    My team is building a server with multiple worlds. We are thinking about using the new version of simpleclans on our server. I am thinking about creating a special world for clans to do their claims and wars. So please add a function for that. Claim and wars feautres should be compatible with multiworlds and it should be possible to enable or disable wars and claims on some worlds

    Also what is the release date?
    Because we are on pre-release and we are supposed to release our server in short time but i really love simpleclans. if the plugin release is going to take too long i am supposed to find an alternative clan plugin while i wait new simpleclan release

    You cant claim a land of a guild without declaring war.

    A player should be approved by ops to create a guild. If he isnt aprroved he will be available to only being a member of a guild.(This function should be get able or disabled from config, I think this should be add because if there is too many noob guilds it could be ridiciolus.)

    Improved Guild Bank:
    Guilds can store money and also even resources and items in their banks.

    Trade System:
    Guilds can trade with other guilds. To trade something first of all you should have the item that you want to trade in your guild bank.
    You will be available to sell even your claimed lands.

    City & Citizen system:
    Premium guilds will be avaliable to create cities, guilds can accept citizens to their cities.
    Guilds can rent lands or houses to their citizens for some amount of money.

    Premium Guilds:
    With the "/guild premium add guildname" command ops can make guilds premium.
    With the"/guild premium remove guildname" command ops can remove premium status from guilds if they have it.
    Premium guilds will be avaliable to recruit more players than normal guilds(will be editable at config).
    Some more features for premium guilds
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    Great to see this is being revived! One question though, will there be a way to convert from the legacy simple clans into this new and revived version without any data loss?
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    This probably will be possible but will take some time until this is really finished.
    Multi-world support will be included, as well as banks. Premium guilds for the start probably not.

    As for the release date, I think the first version will be available in about 2-3 weeks, but will be very basic. After this, new updates should follow weekly.
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    It is really good. I will open my server with simple clans.
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    Sounds great! Good luck :)
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    Im looking forward to this. For me its important that it works well with griefprevention (GP) and herochat. I also want to be able to deactivate the features I do not use so it does not uses unnecessarily resources. Lastly I want it to be reliable and not break with every update of minecraft, and ofc that it does not become abandoned.

    A important reason why I want to use SC and not other plugins is because it does not have its own land claiming stuff, so that I can use it with GP. However GP have an api that you can hook into and that might give you some great possibilities. I would considering making your own claiming system a waste of time since GP already does this well and are kept up to date. The same goes for chat, there is many great chat plugins (like herochat) that works well, so I would prefer if SC hooks into this instead of having its own system.

    In terms of banks you can maybe hook into the banking system in craftconomy (or similar).

    I also use commandranks with the killrules modification, so I would like if its possible to specify how long it should be between each kill for it to count as a kill. In other words, i would love if I can configure so that pvp kills stats is the same on both SC and commandrank.
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    That whole claiming stuff will be done when the base is ready. Actually I'm a bit afraid of this stuff because I'll have to support so many other plugins :p For banks we'll use vault, which supports all mayor bank plugins.
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    For information, in the future with the new plugin we could import old data ?
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    Import old data from the original simple clans? p00ison already answered.
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    Tested some database systems the past days and I came to the conclusion that it'll be the best to make it scalable. Small servers 100-200 unique players should have the same performance as servers with 20000+ unique players. Ofc bigger servers use bigger database systems than smaller.

    So Societies will offer support for MySQL and some other SQL databases, like H2 or HSQLDB, and a small in-memory nosql database. Small users will prefere the in-memory variant. Very big servers will use MySQL for example.

    There is only one limitation: If we add some heavy data operations like kill-tracking or a global history you really should use a SQL server. But again: If the server is pretty small then probably the memory will be enough.

    Implementing this is a test for me too! Let's see what comes of up!
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    Sounds good.
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    I can help with development or documentation if you are still in need of help.
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    So Societies is still in a very pre-alpha phase, creating and listing societies is already implemented but also still needs a lot of love.
    Just give me a bit more time until everything is documented. Then you all just can contribute to societies! :D
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    Just check me a PM if you require any assistance with debugging, development or testing.

    I'm mostly available; I'm not working on anything spectacular at the moment... :)
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    Sounds fun :)
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    k, soon I'll be ready to work together. :D just need to get some stuff done first.
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    Love Clans! Wish I could help somehow, but I'm not a programmer. I run <removed advertising - Iroh> with clans now. Let me know if you need any testing. Feature idea: Peaceful players who don't want to be in a clan? (can't be killed by pvp). Excited about all the new features! Thanks for your hard work on this
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    Definitly possible. There will be support to control PvP completly. Any thoughts where problems could come up? For example in arenas pvp should always be enabled. Which arena plugins are very popular?

    Tested yesterday my implementation of concurrent command handling. The result is that all command executions can be distributed over multiple threads, which means that in-game mechanics won't be blocked and if you have a multi-threaded prozessor you probably will notice a performance boost.
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    Away until 06-20-2014, will continue work but won't push any changes.
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    I hope you don't stop developing this plugin, my server depends on it very much also thank you very much.
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    Nah, nah, just had some free-time-stress :p Still developing. And soon the basic system is complete and hopefully documented so more people can work on this.

    Damn, really need to document this shit :D
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    Thanks for all the work you're puttin in man, I just hope you understand how pumped and happy you're going to make a lot of players when you release these new updates. Like...10's of thousands of players lol

    I do have to ask though, any chance you have a rough ETA?
    Just a guess even? Might calm a lot of our nerves! Again, thanks so much!
    Can't wait to install this plugin!
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    I'm not very sure about an ETA, I hope for a stable release in about a month, Dev builds 1-2 weeks

    But I'll try to keep you guys more up to date, probably define dome milestones
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    Just implemented the request system which will handle invite or kick requests, leader votings or clan votings.

    Also ran it the first time on bukkit after a few thousand lines of code (~ 4000) :D
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    if you still need a Tester or a Documentation writer i can help you.
    I speak Dutch and English so i could write the documentation in two languages or even translate some plugin related stuff for you.
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    k, probably there will be some stuff to translate soon :D
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    I would like to work on the documentation as well. I sent a PM with a sample of my MC server log.

    I found the project on github. Are you using something other than github for the wiki/documentation?
    linlu :)
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