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Discussion in 'WIP and Development Status' started by p000ison, Apr 15, 2014.


Are you interested in an update of SimpleClans?

  1. Yes, definitely!

  2. I don't care, already found an alternative.

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    I'm not sure yet, I would like to make it configurable, but Bukkit doesn't allow this. So I think well stick then with /societies or maybe "hack" bukkit a bit. As far as I can remember there is a workaround.

    Modularity is a very important part, actually of any software, but only a few really are modular :p
    I worked with Google Guice the past months and probably I'll use this. I'll just need to test performance first.

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    Maybe have both sets of commands if the work around does not work. Have /clan and /societies but /clan shows up as all clans stuff like Clan LeaderBoard and societies have Societies LeaderBoard with it showing up as the societies stuff.
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    Btw. The voting for which names doesn't work. You can vote multiple times over and over. Someone kept revoting on UltimateClans. I tested and added 2 quick votes to AdvancedClans.

    Broken poll is broken.
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    Yeah, you should add a new poll on the bukkit forums.
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    Can I Third this motion ? ! :D
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    My Suggestions:

    1) customizable economy system for killing:
    when player kill neutral player, he get (1x[amount]*[victimKDR]) reward, and victim get the 1x[amount] penalty.
    when player kill player from enemy clan, he get (2x[amount]*[victimKDR]) and victim get the 2x[amount] penalty.
    So, players with hign KDR became more valuable, and weeker players with lower KDR are less valuable.

    2) more native way for handling clan relations.
    If player of neutral clan will kill player of other neutral clan [someamount] of time, war begins automatically, with no commands.

    If leader of one clan want to stop the war, he can pay [someamount] to other clan, and stop the war, automatically.
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    Ye, I know you can vote twice, but I just hoped you guys would do it only once :D
    Unfortunately, I can't edit the poll in this thread and I think I'm not allowed to post another thread in the WIP area :/

    Added this to planned features, but this is more like a "end-development" feature :D

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    A note on wars ... I think its unfair for someone to declare war on a clan that my not be online for a time without the other clan having time to defend itself. I think there should be some time (48h) before people can start destroying stuff. I think this could be configurable in a config file if a admin thinks more or less time should be allowed. (Or none for that matter)
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    Thats why there is already /clan war accept. You have to accept before you enter a war. Hopes this helps.
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    Or back to my Siege concept I introduced. You drop a siege and the destroying/fighting doesn't begin until 24 hours later. We could easily have it configurable for admins.

    I don't like the concept of having to accept a war. Some servers, such as the one I'm building, are meant for pvp and hardcore survival/raiding. Clans will have protection, but very limited protection on the server I want to make, as opposed to someone who may make a very peaceful server and antigrief server.

    Therefore, I think there should be very distinct configurable options so more people can use this plugin for various types of servers.
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    I can help you, with the german support!

    I speak english, and german. and i am online VERY often.

    so contact me, if you are intersted!

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    Very excited to see this plugin be revived! Can't wait to see where it goes.
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    It would be nice to include Multi-Server support for this plugin for those servers that work with BungeeCord it would make it a bit more easier to maintain while having many server. So for example instead of having to refresh every single server one by one you could simply refresh it once and changes would be applied to all servers.

    As to Ranks I would suggest that a player that creates a clan s/he will be able to create their own ranks of their clans rather then enforcing specified ranks within the clans. (Adds more customizations for players and would be a nice feature. Also the clan owner should be able to set either ranks per group or ranks per player. The clan ranks would be only visible in the info of the clan as well as the clan chat otherwise if not set global chat shouldn't be displayed except the clan name.

    Not sure if this was mentioned but Clan Chat would be nice that you can chat only with your own clan mates and that would be cool to display in chat their ranks as previously mentioned which then will be displayed in the chat that will be only visible to the clan mates. This feature would be nice if it could be implemented with other chat plugins. (Ex. CloudChat which is great for Multi-Server Servers)

    Also I propose that I could help out with testing as well as I could make you some banners or anything of such that you would require. Our group would be more then happy to help out. (Won't mention name since don't want to advertise, if something I could PM you) As well as I can help with Polish and English translations.
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    So multi-server support will be added by supporting a remote database. The plugin configuration won't be sharable over multiple servers. If you have multiple server, you can write a bash script for example which shares and updates the configs over all your severs :p

    Clan chat will definitly be included.

    Thanks, I'll come back to you :D

    Btw I'll put up a name voting a few days before the actual work begins, so it's a clear and meaningful result.

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    Hey there! SimpleClans is an amazing Factions alternative my server has been using for ~3 months now!
    While it is outdated, I made my own idea of how clans should work, take a look at this thread!

    Let me know what you think, maybe you can borrow an idea or two from it or just make the whole plugin.

    IMO this thread just shows how much you want to turn SimpleClans into another Factions plugin. Don't do that. There's a reason the word "simple" is in your plugin name.
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    Actually the base Clan/Gulids/Societies system will be like your "iClans". But ofc most people will use this as a pvp plugin and factions replacement so these features are also a very important aspect. Probably I could imagine a basic Societies plugin, just for the "normal" management stuff.
    Then an extensions which adds functionalities for clan based pvp. And later maybe some minigames.
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    I personaly liked Simple Clans the way it was.Only thing I think it was lacking was the clan chat. To give it the claim land function may be a mistake as you can do that already with factions plugs. I know myself and a few other server owners use Clans to have a PvP server that uses residence to claim land. I wouldnt want to give up residence and I know others would feel the same. If you do decide to put a claim feature in the plugin would you maybe be able to make that feature configurable in the config files so some of us could turn it off? Im just looking for a basic Clans plug like the original. KDR,Clan home, Clan tp stuff like that. I have the last version now but if one clan member kills a rival clan the server crashes...very annoying. Cant wait to see your reply as it seems your the only one thats working on a clan plug.All others are crap or outdated.lol
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    The base of the new version will be absolutly like the old origininal SimpleClans with a few improvements in data storage and usability. Everything around which mostly involves PVP will be optional. I'm planning to design an API which allows to build a pvp based clan plugin. If you want you could make a party or town system.

    BTW: Thinking about a code name until release. Any throughts?
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    p000ison Along with the API, it'd be smart to implement some custom Events. An Idea i'd like to contribute is the idea of a 'clan' chest, where clan members could store and pass stuff to others.

    As for a name, I don't got any good ideas :p
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    Are you going to be re-writing or writing from the existing one also one thing would be able to speed up the start up of simpleclans when revive it i would be able to test if if you need any more testers.
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    Hey. If you need another developer, I would love to help.
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    When you revive it will the permission nodes be any different? because I'm going to configure the permissions nodes for simpleclans for my server and don't want to waste my time if they are just going to change.
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    Thanks I'll come back to you
    They will change :D
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    Glad to see you again on Bukkit Dev, after a long period of time.:)
    Hope you'll finally be able to fix a strange error which can suddenly stop the server, it appeared in the latest version of SimpleClans.

    Also I can add, that something is wrong with Clan Bank command, players can not add money to it.. But it can be a really usefull feature.

    A few words about clan sorting in /clan list command: maybe there should be a some kind of formula, which sorts clans both by size and by kdr. Biggest and most PvP-proffesional clans should be in top.

    And it can be really awesome if you could provide compatibility with HeroChat. In latest versions chat tags do not display.. :(

    Frankly speaking, SimpleClans is the best clan plugin I've ever seen. It is easy and fully configurable. And it contains no unnessesary functions. Really awesome work, p000ison! Can't wait for an update, with bugfixes and improvements :)
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    In my opinion you shouldn't add claims, one of the reasons i use SimpleClans is exactly that, it's simple and different from Factions. However, i totally agree on adding an integrated clan chat, it's a very important feature for clans.
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    Claiming won't be included in the base plugin, but it'll form an extension, since many people depend on a faction-like claiming-system.
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    Hi, i really wanna this plugin so much ! It's just soooo cool but i just can't use it right now, it really miss some big things :

    - Clan Chat support (The plugin hooking to do that isn't updated)
    - Setting up a maximum number of member per clan
    - /clan armor doing an error for me (or /clan health, can't remember the command)
    - Admin should be able to allow / disallow that member of clan can yes or no hit each other (or at least, in the config file, i can't find if it's possible)
    - Support for Crackshot ! Yes it seems that it doesn't really work right now, some effects of crackshot make damage on allies, clan member, etc... =( !

    I really need this plugin for making my new games out, i would like to know if it's possible to add these features fast, in exchange of money. I'm not paying the plugin of course, just wanna 'speed up' the developpement, encourage you, cause it's an really awesome plugin.

    Thanks. :)
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    So the revive will take some time but stuff like chat and pvp control will be included. Plugins like crackshot will be compatible as well.
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    So you can't really make a little update to fix these =( it's really seems easy to fix,... i really can't wait months... otherwise i'll have to use Factions it's really annoye me :( The only things i really need is crackshot support, max player per clan, and chat..
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