[Dev] LandManager - Make your regions tradable! Real estate on your server!

Discussion in 'WIP and Development Status' started by MrRump, Jun 12, 2014.

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    We all know the hassle: We want our players to have fun on ours servers. When they decide to build their new house (or the Eifel tour, or the Golden Gate Bridge?), we want to ensure, that their buildings and their chests are protected and safe from theft. Well, there are a lot of plugins out there to protect regions, my personal favorite: WorldGuard. Unfortunately, there is a downside: Still, you or another admin will have to define the regions. If you have 100+ players on your server, you know how tiring it will become.

    LandManager does not try to reinvent the wheel, but to extend the functionalities of both region-based protection provided from WorldGuard and and economy system (accessed through Vault). It automatically divides the world(s) of your choice into 16x16 (chunk-sized) big regions, which players can buy, sell, add their friends to help them etc. That way, you never have to worry about protecting regions yourself, and moreover, can introduce real estate to your Minecraft server!

    • Initialize the world after installation (100% done)
    • Autocreate regions for newly created chunks (planned)
    • Give users the ability to receive information about regions (price, owner etc.) and visualize borders using particles (100% done)
    • Hook into Vault to make land a tradable good (30% done)
    • Allow people to buy land (70% done)
    • Define your own price tiers (fixed price, increasing price, your own function) (planned)
    • Define limits (how many regions can someone own? How many additional players can they add?) (planned)
    • Allow players to add (and remove :)) friends to help them build (100% done)
    • Allow people to offer their land for sell (30% done)
    • Combine multiple 16x16 chunks into bigger pieces (c.g. a church) (planned)
    • Allow players to enable WorldGuard flags such as PVP etc. on a region (planned)
    • Allow players to change the biome of a region (planned)
    • More features planned


    • WorldGuard (for region protection)
    • Vault (for economy)

    LandManager will be hosted @GitHub once I manage to finish a first build and clean up the source code.

    Please, if you have any further ideas or recommendations - just leave a message!
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    Sounds great, I read all of it, and I'd like to say good luck to you! :) Also, do you mind me asking who made that logo for you? I keep seeing logo's like that.
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    Actually, I made it myself using a vector program called Inkscape. I pretty much just took two rectangles and a $-sign and that's it. But yes, these "flat" logos have been pretty popular lately, I myself was inspired from the logos of WorldGuard/WorldEdit.
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