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Discussion in 'WIP and Development Status' started by Flobi, Mar 29, 2012.

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    I'm hoping for some beta testers once my 1.b.0 file I uploaded last night gets approved (don't have the foggiest idea why it wouldn't be).

    WhatIsIt is a plugin concept I came up with while developing a much larger plugin (for auctions) where I needed to get a unique, but friendly item name. It seems to be a hole in minecraft server that there are no friendly names available, and the advice I've seen requires parsing enum's into strings which don't translate very amicably, especially for items with special characters (e.g. Jack-O-Lantern) or with special capitalization (e.g. TNT).

    Basically, I conceived that I could store the information in a .yml file and write a function to retrieve them. Certainly this was inspired by OddItem which is nearly the opposite of what I needed. It provides item alias for ease of typing, while I needed alias for ease of reading, though I know of no reason I know these two plugins can't work in tandem.

    Even after uploading it, I noticed a couple issues, nothing major; see file caveats or version history for bugs. So I understand that more testing is necessary. After everything gets worked out, this could be a great resource for many plugins that deal with items, blocks, entities and enchantments and need to display a friendly name.

    Oh, and I do need it tested for custom Spout items if anyone has Spout and custom items, this would be much appreciated. SirTyler said the Spout custom items use flint with data, so these should be settable easily enough and I think it will work fine, but I don't have Spout or custom items on my test server at this time to test that.

    Yay, I have a beta tester now. Could use a few more, perhaps some with a server or a plugin they can link to this class.

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