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Discussion in 'Bukkit Tools' started by Baummann, Aug 18, 2011.

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    Version: 1.1​
    This tool allows Plugin Developers to check for a bukkit update or download the newest bukkit recommended build.​

    After a bukkit update it'll take about 5 hours (Can take up to 1 day) for it to detect the new build.

    Download - Universal .jar file


    Q: Where does the downloaded file go?
    A: In the jar/exe's directory

    Q: When I click on Check for an update or on Download the newest recommended build nothing happens. The bukkit icon doesn't show either.
    A: There's a problem with your internet connection. Try restarting the program/your internet.

    Q: I can't click on Download the newest Recommended build.
    A: You need to check for an update first.

    Note: This tool will NOT update CraftBukkit it'll only update the Bukkit API which is used for developing plugins!
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    Great program!
    Can you add an ability for non recommend builds to download?

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    You mean that you can enter a build number? Or that you get the newest non recommended build?
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    Vielleicht kannst du beides machen?

    Maybe you can add both?
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    Yes I can. But it would give me more work to do.

    @xGhOsTkiLLeRx I added it.

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    I <3 it! :D
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    Somehow the thing with the non recommend builds isn't working.
    I always get the output that 805 is the newest non recommend build.
    But it's about #82X

    Can you fix it?
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    That's a issue with my brain forgetting to update the build. Updated.
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