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Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by Afforess, May 21, 2011.

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    BukkitContrib is superseded by Spout, the new Bukkit/Client framework.
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    something like that..

    let say I have a player name called "Eht" and I want him to exempt from getting kick on my server because he doesn't have a bukkitcontrib..
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    here is someone else's server to the client 1.7.3 and it does not suit me for the same version.
    I want to do the same tissue.
    Only they have all the files on deposit Sorry =)
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    You don't understand what I am saying, from what we understood, he wanted to force players to only use his server, like not allow them to play on any other servers
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    ah no wait.. I accidentally quoted your reply to his message..This is a different post.. It's My Post and requesting a feature for exempting a player getting kick because he doesn't have bukkitcontrib Sp if the forceplayer is true..
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    Basically you are wanting a whitelist of people who do not get kicked if they do not have the BukkitContrib/Spout client installed.
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    Yeah, and I was just saying that doesn't sound like something that would need to be a major feature for most people but would be easy to write as your own plugin.
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    Вот скачайте их клиент и у вас не получается зайти на свой сервер..

    Here is download their client and you can not go to your server ..
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    This thread just got 1000x more confusing... Too much broken English; please bring back good grammar.
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  12. Really? So create a Packet71Weather and then send to the player with the weather i want, then to reset... Send a Packet71Weather with what the server has?
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    щяс секундочку залью файл. как сделать чтобы использовать этот клиент для своего сервера. ?

    schyas zalyu a second file. how to make use of this client to the server. ?
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    Isn't it illegal to redistribute custom clients?
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    I don `t know =)
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    technically, yes.
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    Yes, but some server owners do it just to not have to put up with telling people how to mod the client themselves.
    The custom client they have probably isn't anything more than custom textures, RU language mod, and the server restriction.
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    help :'(
  19. @Asanay don't you understand that it's ILLEGAL to give minecraft game cilent files ?
    It's a good point too, because people may get screwed with hacked files.... like those you're trying to make to force them to play only on your server, or at least that's what I understood from previous translated posts, because I can't understand anything from your posts... and I dunno how much you understand me aswell =)
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    Well ... (
    I just simply have no place to ask for more help ...
    have to do everything myself.

    Вы не можете использовать их клиент для своего сервера.
    You may not use their client to the server.
    я себе хочу сделать так же для своего сервера..
    I myself want to do the same for your server ..

    for themselves [pig]

    I do not know how to do it = \

    I think it's legal ..
    If they do so, then what happens to me so impossible? :confused: .. I think you can.
    Naturally, they use the plugin BukkitContrib
    the name of the plugin Herobrine?

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  21. [SPANISH]

    Buenas mañanas, tardes o noches.

    ¿Como puedo eliminar el BukkitContrib?.

    Esto lo digo porque al borrarlo, se me descarga de nuevo.


    Good morning, afternoon or evening.

    How I can remove BukkitContrib?.

    I say this because the delete, I downloaded again.
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    The developer of MobDisguise is assuming that all players use an unmodded (vanilla) client. In which case, he is correct. Eventually, it may be possible with a modded client.

    On your server, delete the BukkitContrib.jar

    On your client, using the latest launcher from Notch (, you can select from options->force update, which will remove any client mods installed.

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    He might have a plugin that downloads BukkitContrib automatically
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    A possibility.

    the good news is that 0.1.7 has no real bugs and should work fine, and doesn't change your server's operation in any way.

    I'd also like to point out that Spout 1.0 will definitely be delayed to Monday. I had to deal with a unexpected funeral, which gobbled up half of my weekend - and consquently, the time I had set aside for modding.

    The good news is that I have Monday off, so I will have a release ready by tomorrow evening, EST.
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    That's not cool (The funeral) sorry for you loss :).

    I am pulling an alnighter to finish the client as I will not be on till ~7pm EST tomorrow
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    does anyone now an xray and fly mod that doesnt require modloader ? Telling this for admin purposes really.
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    Zombe modpack works with BukkitContrib.
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    For now...
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    Matt Gill

    I hope it doesn't make it incompatible, because the maker of it does include a way for server admin's to disable it for all players and now there is a plugin (ZombeBanner) that makes it disable everything unless they have permission node to use it.
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    Are you by chance using MC Server GUI? If so, the end of stream is caused by the proxy server. Issue has been corrected and will be in the next release (the Name has been changed to Pail now).
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