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Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by Afforess, May 21, 2011.

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    BukkitContrib is superseded by Spout, the new Bukkit/Client framework.
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    Hey Afforess Just Checking in on the problem i told you about before have you located a possibly issue that may have been causing my lag issues with bukkit contrib?

    Also i think it may have something to do (or well i assume it does) with possibly how bukkit contrib monitors key presses etc, as i have noticed larger amounts of lag when i press several buttons that aren't mapped as well as if i continue walking after break a block, which is not as bad when i break a block and leave the controls completely still.

    The differences in lag is as follows:

    When Not Pressing any buttons after breaking a block = 5 Seconds wait from the time the block breaks to the time for my character to pick up the block (still quite a long wait in lag)

    If i break a block or more, press unmapped buttons, continue walking etc = at least 10 seconds but up to about 15 at most before the block breaks and i can collect the item, other lag issues that can also be seen in this situation is movement bouncing (moving away and then repeatedly being returned to the same area).

    Hope this helps
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    Well, I can't duplicate it. Standing still, I am getting 60fps. Then I begin mashing the keys (which will send extra key press packets) and my fps does not budge at all.

    Anyway, keypress packets are one way, to the server. Sending information to the server isn't going to create a bottleneck, only downloading from the server will bottleneck the client.
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    @Afforess Hey do you know what could be the cause of this error?
    It looks like a debug message but it spams itself then restarts my server by itself. Other then this i have never had any prior errors with bukkitcontrib, it happened to me about 3 times today, nothing changed, its as if it magically started throwing errors...Craftbukit 1000 and bukkitcontrib 0.1.7.
    BukkitContrib: Unexpected Behavior in ContribCraftBlock.getRelative(...)! Attempting to compensate.
    BukkitContrib: Unexpected Behavior in ContribCraftBlock.getRelative(...)! Failed to compensate!
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    Should be fixed in the latest development copies of the plugin. ;)
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    how do i make people autodownload it when they join my server?
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    Hmm Could this issue possibly be so sort of problem with java and mac Lion?

    java is no longer directly supported by apple (who made the mac specific versions of java instead of oracle ) as ever since installing Lion Last Wednesday i have noticed some slight issues with minecraft (Not in terms of lag but Minor Graphics things).

    Anyhow Thanks a lot for looking into it anyway and ill be sure to try this out on my Other mac ( not updated to lion ) to see if it gets the same issues and ill let you know what i find so that if it is a problem with Lion and Java then you can immediately tell others if they inquire with a similar situation as my own.
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    is there a way for a client to show health bars over other players' heads without need of a plugin or something? would be useful to use during something like MobArena with friends to see who needs help/heals asap (I have ways of healing others)
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    Is there a list anywhere of plugins which already use this, or no? If not it would be a good idea. I know mcMMO does (I'm using this with mcMMO, and its great!). I have to say... this annihilates modloader! Amazing work on this.
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    The first post links to a list of plugins using it. There's a few still not in the list (eg. MyWolf) but it's a start.
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    A plugin could easily do this, yes. Just by using a multiline title, with the top line a health bar with [|||] (and colors) and the second line the player name. I suggest you ask the MobArena dev, in fact.

    That's an interesting theory. Please let me know what you discover.

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    mChat has just had this type of thing added to it. Thanks to Afforess and @MiracleM4n for this.
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    i am working on my first mod right now using modloader. its quite basic (new items/tools/weapons/tool materials for the new stuff and i was thinking of adding some new mobs but have not got that far yet). my goal was to use it with itemcraft on my server but after reading the top post i am wondering if i should just stop working on it for now and wait until bukkitcontrib is ready for mods like this.

    is there anything i can do right now to allow me to keep working on it with bukkitcontrib in mind? will i have to scrap it and start over when bukkitcontrib mod support is ready? sorry for the stupid questions but i started learning this a few weeks ago and my knowledge is very limited. if anyone could advise me i would be grateful. i would like to keep working on it but if i am going to have to throw it out and start over there is no point right now.

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    Mind making a tutorial on how to use it please?
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    Tutorials would be awesome! Is there a change log for the current development build?
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    You can't use the features directly. You need a plugin for that.
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    server crashed wih follows logs.
    approx till line 12.000, but i copied only a part because the errors are in a loop

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    As far as I know, there is nothing to help you with making it a BC mod, as Afforess hasn't even started on the code for it yet. I would keep working, as if you are like me, you will get done, and want to do a complete rewrite at least twice. lol. You learn more as you practice, and it will help when BC finally does have support. Just my opinion though.
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    thanks for answering my noob questions :) you are right on all counts. i need more knowledge so it doesnt matter what i do, it will help me.
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    I have an error with my mc client

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    @Afforess, I think it would be best if you checked into the damn issue with floating. My kids are getting kicked from the server for floating too long because MC is taking too long to load chunks.
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    You cannot use modloader
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    Non of the sound plugins seem to work. I tried BCmusic and MineDJ. At first i at least got a message that the download started and later was succesfull. But they didnt play at all. Now they wont even do that, but apearently silently download the track. But they are still not plaing.
    I used a fresh Minecraft instalation. I installed the client Mod and the server mod. Using CB1000. No other plugins. No console message.

    When a standard minecraft song is playing and I enter the command, the song stops imediatly. So i assume its a problem playing the song. The Format is .ogg

    For some reason after a while the bukkitcontrib clien isntalation seemes to be corrupted and i get kicked by the contribserver. Also if i enter a contrib command it tells me I dont have it installed.
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    I just wanted to add that I'm very pleased with BukkitContrib so far, and that I plan on extensive integration with the plugin that I'm working on for custom HUDs, various appearance tweaks, and generally a more immersive experience. (

    One point that I wanted to bring up is that Bukkit has a serious problem with the way NPC spawning is handled at the moment. The current approach is more akin working with a cudgel than graceful programming, and a great deal of that is due to the steps required to hack together an NPC spawning mechanism using entirely server-side code. I've tried a few different Bukkit NPC spawning libraries and techniques, and another issue is that the NPCs seem to be unable to be affected/modified by the slick features of BukkitContrib (custom entity titles are my baseline test). It's certainly no rush, and I'm greatly appreciative for what you're doing, but if you would look into a lightweight interface for spawning NPCs that can take advantage of the BukkiContrib features (like custom skinning), I think the entire community would really benefit from having an NPC spawning option that actually works and isn't at risk of breaking every time Bukkit changes revisions.
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    Ah, Thank Ya kind sir! Any ideas what the hell happened? lol
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    Just notifying you of a clash between the BukkitContrib plugin and CookBook (Link)

    I've tested and confirmed that the issue is with BukkitContrib, not with any other plugins I've been running.
    What occurs is when a player attempts to retrieve ANY crafted item, not just the ones from custom recipes, they cannot place the crafted item in their inventory. It works fine without BukkitContrib plugin on the server.

    It's a shame really, as I'd love to have both, but I can't since they clash. Furthermore, CookBook isn't in active development anymore, so there's little chance of Fullwall updating or attempting to fix the issue through his end.

    Is there any chance you might be able to look into this?
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    Are you using the development plugin? If so, I found the cause and fixed it ~15 hours ago.

    Can I have the copy of the song, to test against?

    If your server admin does a /reload mid-game, and the client or server is too slow in getting the data, you could be kicked. Rejoining should fix it. The server owner can set the time it waits for authentification in the config.

    Yeah, this is a really good idea. I designed the entity titles with the hope that they could be used for NPC's, but never tested them. I'd be happy to look into building a better NPC tracking suite and supporting them.

    I've created a feature request for it, so you can see when I plan on getting it done.

    Um, I found a way to fix it. It's a nasty issue that occurs after /reload is used. Complicated to explain unless you understand some of the deeper quirks of java, I'm afraid.

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    You got an PM with the song
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    Well i do use reload, and as long as its fixed lol i DL'ed the dev version. Thanks for the fix though!
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    You have to be sure the music is turned up in the options or you won't hear anything. :) Been there, done that. lol
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    Matt Gill

    Hey I'm loving the plugin. Can't wait for v0.2.

    But I had a question. Some of my players won't download the client because they use optifog and it is incompatible. I've heard that bukkitcontrib actually does some performance tweaks like optifog. Is this true? I'm trying to convert all my players to use this :D
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