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Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by Afforess, May 21, 2011.

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    BukkitContrib is superseded by Spout, the new Bukkit/Client framework.
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    Obviously not, since you still asked after you read the answer.
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    In the commit for that feature, he said that opening the browser with the link will come later, I think when he's done the GUI.
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    What hurdles (legal) would we hit if we wanted to host a BukkitContrib client on a website, not downloadable, but runnable from the page?
    This idea sounds like it'll save alot of hassle but might have legal repercussions.
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    Boon Pek

    Well, that's a little sad, then. Players on my server have WorldEdit permissions and most of them use the WorldEdit CUI. Without ModLoader, the WorldEdit CUI is obsolete :/
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    In fact, this downloads the minecraft.jar as well, so users that know a bit about the hidden Library/AppData/.*-Folders can easily get their minecraft.jar illegaly.
    I think providing a link to the BukkitContribInstaller is the best way. It's easy to use and installs the mod without issues.
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    Well, it works with TooManyItems, only some items miss there names so far,
    but what is not working seems modloader and zansminimap, with bukkticontribessentials i get the names, the player skins, region notifications, build in music, but not the custom ones, they get downloadet but do not start to be played.

    Confirmed is that these were working with only TMI installed, cause i moddet the client afterwards to get my minimap back and that seems to be the point where it stopped working.

    Installation order was
    - all working till here with only some item names in TMI missing -

    Hope you can find a solution to get the minimap working together with bukkitcontrib, cause i would miss it.

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    That's where I thought the legal issues would crop up. Wouldnt it make sense to possibly just use an altered launcher which downloads a different set of jars? So it'll still need to connect to notch's authentication before it'll allow them to download it.

    Ofcourse, this would probably still be a grey area at best, legally :S
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    Thanks, me and my members were linking things to each other and we all use the modded client. We were all kind of like hey wait a minute why isnt this feature here lol.
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    top pluggin but im having a issue with / commands they crash the server if i type in the ingame chat box but there fien if done through cmd cheers
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    could you make it compatible with modloader?

    Because i have ICKSlopes on my server -.-

    //EDIT: And the Achievements come in the chatbox :confused:, why?
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    ModLoader is not supported. Afforess will write a client side plugin system, much like bukkits one because that's the better way to do it. Imagine... no more conflicting mods!
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    Animated textures/ capes would be so cool. Just suggesting
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    Allowing the use of sprite sheets would be very useful :D
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  15. Hmm, how do I properly hook onBukkitContribSPEnable(), it seems that CUSTOM_EVENT gives errors when I press keys :/
            BukkitContribListener eventBC = new BukkitContribListener()
            	public void onBukkitContribSPEnable(BukkitContribSPEnable event)
            		ContribPlayer bcPlayer = event.getPlayer();
            		bcPlayer.sendNotification("Welcome!", "", Material.BED);
        	pm.registerEvent(Event.Type.CUSTOM_EVENT, eventBC, Event.Priority.Monitor, this);
    Actually, it seems that all custom events trigger on onCustomEvent() using CustomEventListener:
            CustomEventListener eventCustom = new CustomEventListener()
            	public void onCustomEvent(Event event)
    "onCustomEvent() :: " + event.getEventName());
            		if(event instanceof BukkitContribSPEnable)
         "onCustomEvent() :: is instanceof BukkitContribSPEnable");
                			ContribPlayer bcPlayer = ((BukkitContribSPEnable)event).getPlayer();
                			bcPlayer.sendNotification("Welcome!", "", Material.BED);
        	pm.registerEvent(Event.Type.CUSTOM_EVENT, eventCustom, Event.Priority.Monitor, this);
    Is that supposed to happen ? doesn't it slow down server having servertick constantly hooked ? and other events aswell
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    Not really a priority. Not ruling it out, but unless you plan on writing it yourself, you won't see for for > 3 months.

    There will be no limitations on how you can arrange images.

    I discovered the bug with that - the development builds have it fixed. Try those.

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    i noticed i can see coordinates with this installed.. is there a setting to enable again ?
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    I made a railroad with powerrail start, a block to one side and railroad to the other. I placed a minecart on the powerrail and bam! Error. Happened in single player. Only mod installed is bukkitcontrib. Also, the Unlicensed notification pops up in single player too.
        at yo.stopMusic(
        at BukkitContrib.onTick(
        at uq.a(
        at px.b(
        at Source)
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    Yeah, it's fixed in the development SP builds.

    If you want a quick workaround, download the latest development build, swap your yo class with the one from the dev build, and play. ;)
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    Thanks, that did the trick.

    Edit: It crashed one more time though when I placed the minecart in the same place.
    Edit2: Now that I've tested it a bit more, seems like it randomly crashes when I either place the minecart there or sit in it. Not always but sometimes. But it doesn't lock me out of my save anymore, so it's an improvement.
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    Logged in or offline?
    I've said it before, when I'm playing SSP offline the unlicensed notification ever appears to me, or am I missing something? :confused:
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    It's been asked for almost every page for the past couple pages. No, as it is considered cheating, and it is getting taken out when Minecraft is officially "released", so you need to find something else anyway.
    It has happened to me logged in. It was only one time though. *shrug*

    @Afforess, just looking through the GUI code makes me want to do something special for my server. :)
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    If you're having crashes interacting with objects, you could also try swapping your xk class with the one from the dev build. ;)

    It's not even done yet, but yeah, it's pretty awesome. ;)

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    It's pretty exciting seeing so many mods transitioning to using this, can't wait to see how the GUI stuff gets used.

    Is there any way to save keybinds between sessions? They all seem to get lost when I close the client.
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    Logged in of course.
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    Luke Zwekii

    (I hope this isn't a dumb question) Why do I automatically do /0.1.8 when I login to my server? Is it like part of the verification, or do I need to update my BC server plugin? :confused:
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    It's a verification command - it sends your version to the server to let it know what version you are running.
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    Luke Zwekii

    Oh, I should of guessed that ha ha. Thanks for clearing that up ;)
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    Weird, pretty weird [creeper]

    So v0.2 is at least 5 days away? :'(

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    It was never going to be this weekend, I was using this weekend as a test weekend to find bugs with the GUI. Next weekend is v0.2

    I should warn you - v0.2 won't be v0.2. It will be v1.0 and in beta instead of alpha. There will also be a name change for the project (sorry plugin dev's - the only time, I promise!) as well as a new system for installing the client mod.
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