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Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by Afforess, May 21, 2011.

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    BukkitContrib is superseded by Spout, the new Bukkit/Client framework.
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    How do i bind keys with this mod?
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    The GUI functionality is not working yet, you have to wait till 0.2.0
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    You have to set height and width for each texture.
    I think height and width default to 0 and therefore the texture won't be shown.
    Also, you should not do this in onPlayerJoin, but in onBukkitContribSPEnable!

    This works very well, if you have the development builds.

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    You are an absolute legend.
    Thanks bbe
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    I don't have time for dev builds :p lol Working on the new BukkitContrib launcher
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    I've tested right now with my MC 1.7.3 vanilla, no mods at all, and offline this did happen to me :confused:
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    Been playing around with GenericTexture & GenericLabel,
    looks that when combining both this happens.
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    Yeah, I already know about it, and it's already fixed in the development builds. Feel free to grab the last working development build and swap out your yo class for the one in the dev build.

    Yeah, I got that fixed. Come on IRC (#bukkitdev) and you can chat with me about any issues.

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    Have been playing for a week with 1.7.3 and the unlicenced notification only came now when I installed bukkitcontrib.
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    I'll be sure to fix it.
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    Are there any plans to add Biome control to BukkitContrib? Could you add Biome Control (so that we may, say, make an entire Tundra world)? :)

    Currently weather and biome effects like grass and water color are handled only by the client.
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    It ever happened to me in SSP playing offline, although I don't remember in SMP if had online-mode=false.
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    hi excuse me but when i start the game (singleplayer/multiplayer) he give me a black screen, for 1-2 hour they work. i have installed fly mod,too many item, x-ray but if i don't install the other mod he don't work same

    (sorry for my bad english but im italian)
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    What is the irc channel/server :confused:
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    Me I'm French !
    Have you the #1000 craftbukkitversion and the last build of bukkitcontrib ?
    Try this without your Mods ! ;)
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    yes but don't work u.u
    ps: contrib for server how much ram use?
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    TMI, and X-Ray will not work with BukkitContrib.

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    hi excuse me, now work fine i've found a list of version of bukkitcontrib and i've download last stable version and now work fine with other mod... sorry xD
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    Since you're breaking all other client mods to be compatible is there any replacement? The major stuff like TooManyItems and Worldedit client are highly wanted by a lot of people, you thinking of creating anything yourself so that we have something similar?
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    He has said that they need to be remade to the BC standards, by the original authors. I am sure if they don't, others will port it. It will allow greater compatibility, so...
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    ... i knew that i was just checking to see if any of them are compatible ...i allways read the op
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    Boon Pek

  27. How do I create a widget for the GUI ? :-?
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    It will never work with modloader
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    The BukkitClient system you have planned, will that work in Single Player aswell as on servers.
    If so, notch should use this api as default.
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    Amazing plugin, only 1 downside. Users have to download a client side modification independently, which many may struggle with.
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    @Afforess - Feature request making links that get highlighted in chat clickable, or at least include a option to allow URL clicking to bring up the browser or! Copy it to your clip board when you click the highlighted url that way it doesn't at least force open a browser.
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