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    BukkitContrib is superseded by Spout, the new Bukkit/Client framework.
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    It's loading before BukkitContrib (alphabetical loading, plugin name with an A...)

    Use softdepend: [BukkitContrib] in your plugin.yml

    Other than that, can't think of anything offhand.
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    [SEVERE] Could not pass event PLAYER_COMMAND_PREPROCESS to BukkitContrib

    I am on the latest Recommended Build.
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    Same, also get errors for player join and player interact. Tried latest RB and the latest dev build.
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    That's because that event got removed in the latest bui;d.
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    do u need modloader for the client mod?
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    Edit: Nevermind, I was having some performance issues with BukkitContrib (annoying hang every now and then) that I wasn't getting with vanilla, but I think Firefox 5 is the cause. As soon as I closed it my problems went away.
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    Hm, what, really? What commit did that happen in?


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    I got it fixed; I was running a Dev Build #938 but yeah those events were removed in that build.
    BukkitContrib always lags my server so I am no longer using it. As fun as it is, I won't have it on my server.
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    So I did some more testing and it seems like it wasn't firefox (alone) causing my issue, something is causing a hang every 3-10 seconds (on average, its pretty random). I ran a cpu profiler and the only thing I saw that might be the cause is the auto update part of the plugin, which was using something like 3% cpu time overall, which might account for the super short spikes, but I'm basically guessing. I definitely do not get the hangs on vanilla.
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    im now working on a mount-code, so animals can be mounted and controlled. i ran into 2 problems:
    1. (not bukkitcontrib related) there is no way to manualy move a creature or to prevent automatical idle movement of creature.
    2. bukkitcontrib allows me to capture a large set of keys -> thats first of all realy handy and awesome. i could simply capture WASD & space. but what if a player uses another keybindings? is there a way to capture KEY_MOVE_FORWARD KEY_MOVE_JUMP etc. ?

    can you somehow create a function to move a block? i mean nto just hide and show, but like falling sand, realy move it to a position? if that would work, it would be easy to create nice looking elevators, doors, gates etc.
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    Jan Tojnar

    Would it be possible to change color of void?
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    A few ideas...

    How about making this load through ModLoader instead in order to preserve compatibility? I know that your your yf.class conflicts with AudioMod as it also uses the same class.

    Also, how about adding an option to specify mods required to play on the server such as Mo Creatures, GUIAPI, SuperSlopes, More Trees, etc. There could be an option to either server the files locally from the server or from a list of specified URLs for each mod, prop and config files, and mod resources such as sounds and music. If not that, then even a check to see if they have the mods required and if not, then tell them what mods are required based on the server's list. An MD5 check might be a good idea as well to protect the client from malicious mod alterations.
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    Hm.. maybe a little abstract, but when using npc's from the NpcSpawner-lib they should theoretically also be able to set the skins with BukkitContrib. Anyone tried this and could tell me if this works?
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    It does, my plugin Player Editor will soon allow this functionality
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    Okay, then i'll have to figure out how. i dont think you would write me the 4-5 lines to set the skin of an npc?

    btw. by thinking about that.. it would be awesome if bukkitContrib supports custom skins for other mobs, if that would be possible. that way you could easy build new monsters with simply another skin :D
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    HumanEntity npc = //you need the npc that you want to set here
    String url = "http://some.url/thatis/wherethe/skin/is_located.png"
    BukkitContrib.getApperanceManger().setGlobalSkin(npc, url)
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    Big fan of this plugin. I've already added features to my yet to be released SimpleTeams plugin and will be adding to PreciousStones as well. I have asked all members of my server to install this to enhance their experience on the server. Sadly this is the one thing that this plugin is lacking, a smooth installation procedure. My staff has been hand-holding players who, even after reading the install instructions, are unable to install this.

    Making this mod-loader-compatible is just not good enough, that would be introducing yet another layer of complexity and yet another dependency. What is needed is three executable apps (windows/linux/osx) that will install this on the client's machines. It would have to find the minecraft binary, update the jar file, report possible conflicts (within reason), and allow for reversion.

    The end result would be a one-file download, released by the developer, that every member of every bukkit server would install after every minecraft upgrade. And do it without much fuss (i.e. any settings from the first install would be saved and not asked for in subsequent installs).

    This, I think, is key if the wide adoption of this system is ever to reach critical mass. I have seen many brilliant ideas fail for the lack of attention to UX. I'm really hoping this is not one of them.
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    @phaed (Urahara-san :))
    I agree, some people on my server have issues to install this as well. Although I don't have any plugins that make use of the client-side mod (yet).
    (But I think modifying a zip/jar file can't be that big of a problem...)

    An app to install BukkitContrib would be a nice little feature and definitely help some people.
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    I am coding an app to install it. I started working on it, but dont expect it for a day or two
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    Yes, I know. I've already got it fixed for the next release.

    The plugin or the client? The plugin doesn't "do" anything, so it can't really cause lag.

    Aren't those keys in the Keyboard enum as well? You should be able to capture them.

    Custom AI for mobs is definitely planned as well, but not before the GUI code.
    Sure - but not right away. I've already got quite a list of features queuing up. Keep giving me ideas though. ;)

    I expect so. I hope to allow complete control of the GUI eventually.

    Correct. I allow changing of the skin for HumanEntity instead of Player for that very reason.

    Theirs requires the audio to be present when the game starts, mine is dynamic, and supports audio downloads mid-game. I can *try* to make it compatible, but no promises.
    No. Not going that route. Custom code execution for advanced client mods will eventually be a feature, but will not work with, or support any current SP mods. It's just not a good idea. I'll be on IRC, you're free to discuss it with me.

    That would be really awesome. I always love help. :D

    I agree completely - however, I have no mac or unix system I could test an installer on, and I am unfamiliar with binary modification of code - would love outside help here.

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    No Problem :D
    Got a question though, was looking through the JavaDocs and saw GUI code, is it functional yet?
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    About BukkitContrib 0.1

    I've made a lot of good progress with the GUI API. I've got server side text widgets 100% working, and rendering on the client, working on more today. 1.7 will break BukkitContrib, but I expect to have it fixed before or by July 4th. I will release the 0.1 then, with performance enhancements (the client mod runs ~20% faster with 0.1), the new API, and if I get enough time, also the ability to force clients to use specific texture packs.

    Nope, but it's a rough idea of the interface you will be dealing with. ;)

    Also, I certainly don't want my statement to come off as negative. I've definitely added bugs in BukkitContrib before (actually, there is a log in delay bug in the client mod already... I found it though), and would rather have help finding the issues than having people drop the plugin. Hopefully you agree that is the best solution.

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    Fantastic! =D Really great work on this plugin by the way, its going to make a big difference on my server. Finally players will be able to tell who is a murderer by looking at their nametag =D
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    Don't worry, I got this xD. I will have a Application that will run on Windows/Mac/Linux!
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    gotten into a problem:
    i can use a local filename for custom sounds and music, but what about skins? looks like they can only be set when providing a url. is it somehow possible to add a way to load a skin from a local folder? so i dont have to upload all my skins i want to use somewhere..
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    Nope, they have to be on a URL
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    Nope. All skins use Url's by default, even in MC. I didn't feel the need to code a local cache for something so small. Just use Dropbox to host them. It's free.
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    Don't wanna bother u but whats th latest on the GUI :p
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    Improved Chat compatibility is increasingly becoming a deal breaker for more and more of my members to the point where they are choosing not to install BukkitContrib. The perfect solution would be expanding the API to make it possible to recreate the mod on top of it.
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