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Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by Afforess, May 21, 2011.

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    BukkitContrib is superseded by Spout, the new Bukkit/Client framework.
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    Guess never mind on the AudioMod, MCPatcher etc. The mod I was looking at using is not going to be supporting HD.

    If you say so but I know for a fact that it does make a big difference on how minecraft plays on my computer.

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  3. Yes, I installed it correctly, deleted meta-inf folder, added and replaced files into jar using winrar.
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    I wandered around the javadocs and that resulted in a false, but is it possible to get the block the player is currently holding (in inventory / crafting) ?
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    Lower your fog rendering, Notch changed that in 1.6 to also effect chunks. As I said, the changes are all in MC already, you just have to use them. That and the placebo effect. Take a look at your FPS with the Optimine, and with vanilla. I suspect that there will be small difference.

    Assuming you aren't using custom mods, then the size of your minecraft.jar file should be 1.34 mb. Let me know what your size is.

    Yes. ContribPlayer.getInventory returns a ContribPlayerInventory which exposes the crafting area.

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    Could you consider implementing an "Auto UI Wizard"?

    Most plugins use chat commands, many of which could masked by an UI. So an admin could add some captions, the command they link to and possibly the type of data to a config file, and the modified client would present them to the player, sending chat commands depending in the input.

    So adding something like the following would :

    "Menu", /menu menu, Button
    "My Character", /menu mmo, Button
    "My Title"
    "Start Flying", /fly, Button
    "Build Column",/build column, Number, Tile
    "My Character", /rpg stats, Request "Cool MMO Stats"
    "Guild", /rpg guild, Request "Cool MMO Guild Members"
    "[visible]" are buttons that are always visible. Some way of specifying their location would be cool, but they could just appear in order they are created. Clicking this button will open the "menu" section. Every sections beside [visible] would be in a window, to keep thing simple.

    The [menu] section is a list of UIs. Each line is a row in the window.

    The 1st line would send a command "/fly". Flying doesn't need parameters, so it's just a button that dismiss the window and send the command in the chat.

    The 2nd line would send a command "/build column <number> <tile>", and show a caption next to a number editor and a tile selector.

    The "Request" in the mmo section is just a button that expect a reply. The next incoming message from "Cool MMO " would be echoed from the chat to a UI window, as simple text.

    It would produce a UI in rows, but one could probably make UIs comparable to the built in one even then, especially if some sort of item selector is implemented.

    That way, we wouldn't have to wait for devs to update their plugins to work with this. The server would see them as chat commands while players wouldn't need to memorize tons of commands. I'm not sure if everything could be emulated, some commands are pretty complicated, but some basic UIs would work for most of them.
  7. No other mods installed, just bukkitcontrib: 1,34 MB (1.408.618 bytes).

    Actually, it seems there's a server plugin conflict, I just removed all plugins and leaving only bukkitcontrib and it works... now I'm trying to figure out which one cancels your plugin.

    EDIT #2:
    Hmm, it seems that the AuthDB plugin is the conflict, is that intended ? :-?
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    Ooh, I guess that turned out wrong, what I meant was the block the player occasionallyholds in his "hand" to move to a slot or remove etc.
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    Can you add an API for adding a picture over the username of the player?
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    Nothing I can do about it, it's a problem with AuthDB.

    Um, not right away. Eventually, anything will be possible.

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    Client is freezing one or two seconds when I try to open a door or a chest. There is maybe a conflict with others clients mods?

    Edit: It's not a client conflict, doors and chests freeze the client when they are locked with LWC. Can you take a look at it?
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    Shouldn't you talk to the LWC people then?

    BukkitContrib alpha 0.0.8 is up, lots of improvements. I'm now only focusing on bug fixes and the GUI API for 0.0.9. ;)

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    @Afforess => Could you add a way to know when the download of music is completed/failed ?
    I've not seen that in your Javadocs.

    Anyway, awesome work ;)
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  16. Nice work. Use it in my plugin


    Please update the thread title and the client-mod downloadlink ;D

    Edit: could you add that playCustomMusic() matches the client volume??
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    Ouch, sorry. Fixed the link and title.

    The volume modifies the client volume. 100 percent = normal client volume. 200 = 2x the client volume.
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    @Afforess is there any way to control how long the Achievement Get Notification is shown?
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    Plain minecraft with Rendender distance tiny, graphics fast, smooth lighting off, performances max fps, smooth lighiting off I get 5-6

    With OptiFog/Optimine/HD with same settings plus chunk load far and start fog at .8 gets rid a lots of lag from loading, allows to see more on tiny and gets the FPS up the 11-12.
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    The chunk loading far setting actually may be slowing you down (or at least, using more bandwidth) as it loads chunks regardless of the fog settings, where vanilla loads a number of chunks, depending on the fog settings.

    Anyway, I decided to test it myself. Using the Herocraft server, I first ran MC, vanilla, no mods. I waited 120 seconds so all the chunks and blocks could fully render. While not moving, I observed getting between 85-110 fps.

    I then installed Optimine/OptiFog for 1.6.6. I logged into, waiting again. In the same spot, same server, using the default Optimine settings, I observed between 95-125 fps. Slightly up, yes, but not for what the mod claims, you'd think I'd see more than a 15% boost. I saw a larger boost from switching to Java 7 from Java 6.

    Anyway, playing around with the settings for 15 minutes did not help me go above 125 fps. Most of the settings actually worsened the fps. The most significant things I could to boost fps was to lower the fog to tiny, but that is an MC setting. The fog distance, and fancy/fast had no significant affect on fps.

    So I conclude that yes - there are some general FPS boosts in Optimine/Optifog, but they have nothing to do with the settings. I'll look for them and try to include as many as possible, when possible. But don't expect the settings, I'm not really in the mood for maintaining a large and complex mod that has a lot of settings that have little effect on gameplay performance.

    I'd also like to comment that if you're playing MC at 5-10 fps, you might as well get pliers and start tearing your nails off your fingers, slowly. How old must your machine be? I'm using a 3 1/2 year old laptop that was only mid-line when I bought it. Now it would be a $300 throwaway laptop at walmart. What on earth are you using?

    Not that I have seen so far. If I find where it's at, I will definitely include it.

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    Ok thanks!
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    Following up my last post, I believe I have isolated the key FPS changes, and even made 1 enhancement of my own. I'd love it if you could test it and report your FPS changes: 0.0.9 Alpha SP for MC

    Anyone else is free to test and report FPS boosts.
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    DOwnload doesnt work for me :(
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    Dropbox is having some connection issue, it worked for me the 3rd time...
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    oh ok thanks

    Still doesnt work for me,can u give another link?

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    I need the 1 for the server in .zip format :)
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    Some of my players are getting kicked with the reason "Internal Server Error".

    The following error shows up in the console afterwards:
    [WARNING] Failed to handle packet: java.lang.NullPointerException
    	at org.bukkitcontrib.ContribNetServerHandler.a(
    	at net.minecraft.server.Packet102WindowClick.a(SourceFile:28)
    	at net.minecraft.server.NetworkManager.b(
    	at net.minecraft.server.NetServerHandler.a(
    	at net.minecraft.server.NetworkListenThread.a(SourceFile:105)
    	at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.h(
    I'm using BukkitContrib 0.0.8 on CB build 860.

    The code of my plugin:
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    	public void onInventoryCraft(InventoryCraftEvent event) {
    		if(event.getResult() != null) {
    			event.setCancelled((plugin.checkPlayer(event.getPlayer(), "craft." + event.getResult().getType().name()))?false:true);
    	public void onInventoryClick(InventoryClickEvent event) {
    		InventorySlotType type = event.getSlotType();
    		if((type == InventorySlotType.SMELTING) && !(event.getCursor() == null)) {
    			event.setResult((plugin.checkPlayer(event.getPlayer(), "craft." + event.getCursor().getType().name()))?Result.ALLOW:Result.DENY);
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    Ah, nice catch. For the moment, you can use this alpha build as a temporary fix. 0.0.9 alpha.7z
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