Detecting when an ItemFrame is being placed / broken

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by Father Of Time, Oct 30, 2012.

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    Father Of Time

    Good evening everyone,

    Has anyone found a method of detecting when an Item Frame is being broken / placed, simular to paintings? Anything like the following events:


    Thank you in advanced for any insight on the matter.
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    doesn't look like there is one (yet)

    my best advice is to go with the BlockBreakEvent, from there just use getBlock().getType()
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    ZeusAllMighty11 Retired Staff

    IS there a way to use PlayerInteractEntityEvent and check if it drops?
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    Father Of Time

    Sadly they are entities not blocks (like paintings), so they don't trigger this event. I tried for curiosity sake, but nope. Still, thanks for the option.

    Sadly no, this seems to only trigger for entity right clicking, like milking cows or trading with villagers. I tried this aswell, but sadly no avail.

    Thanks for the attempts guys, any other solutions?
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    toothplck1 Retired Staff

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    i never knew that :eek:
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    Father Of Time

    Thanks for pointing me towards this, I just noticed them at lunch today myself. :D

    That is most likely because they only introduced the events on the 30th of Oct (yesterday), there was a bunch of pull request for this, apparently Im not the only one who wants to protect them. ;)
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  8. This thread just opened my eyes to something that I completely forgot to check in VirtualWorlds' spectator mode :oops:
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    do you know where i can read about updates like this? there has to be a main page its listed on or something that i just haven't ran into yet
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    Father Of Time

    I had the same epiphany with Dominion, that is what lead to this post. :D

    There are better ways, but I just use the alternative downloads version change logs to give me a rough idea of what to look into.

    Also, the bukkit bug tracking site helps:

    hope this helps.
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