Detecting a sleep cycle

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by limdingwen, May 28, 2012.

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    Hi there Bukkit Community:

    I am currently developing a plugin called RealSleep. I was almost at the end of the developer build line when alas, I ran into a problem. After googling, searching, I had no idea how to detect a sleep cycle so I could restore a player's sleep. :( If someone can help I will be very grateful! :)

    Thanks in advance! :p
  2. what do you mean whit sleepcycle>?
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    What I mean is like from night to morning (when all players go to sleep).
  4. you can catch the player interact events mayby
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    Father Of Time

    There is no sleep cycle, it's a long range. I believe a minecraft day consist of 24000L ticks (although I have no idea as I've never had to use it). There is no "sleep cycle" but simple a range within the 24000 that is considered "night"

    So if say 8pm to 6am was considered night it would be (the following is complete pseudo code):

    long timeofday = server.<noideawhatgetstime>;
    if( timeofday >= 20000 && timeofday <= 6000 )
    //time is between 8pm and 6am
    I have no idea how close I am as I've never worked with world time, but from what I've seen from around the forums I think I am in the ballpark.

    Good luck!
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