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Discussion in 'Bukkit Tools' started by Everdras, Jun 25, 2014.

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    AdminBuddy - Hands-off server monitoring

    • Chat on your server like an instant messenger
    • View online players
    • Receive sound notifications when users log in, out, chat, or mention your name
    • All notifications are configurable
    Nerd Features
    • Licensed under the GPLv3
    • Everything going over the network is encrypted
    • Keypairs are used instead of passwords (drastically more secure)
    • Libnotify support on GNU/Linux
    How to Use AdminBuddy

    Check the GitHub wiki page: https://github.com/jmhertlein/AdminBuddy/wiki

    Or check out this video guide:

    [coming soon]


    • Feedback welcome: feel free to leave anything from a simple "I like it" to a detailed complaint.
    • Feel free to come hang out in #Everdras on irc.esper.net
    • Bug reports on GitHub welcome
    • Pull requests on GitHub welcome [code must be GPLv3!]
    • Check out the overview of the code here.
    • Feature Requests welcome [but I like pull requests more!]
    • Want to donate? Donate via paypal with the button on dev.bukkit.org, or send me some BTC: 1PYEc82xEK1A3jCsYTAZ7mnS9t34Et9bYh
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    The RC5 plugin link was removed since the plugin isn't done being reviewed yet. I'll re-link when it gets through review.
  3. Everdras seems good do you need the plugin to connect?
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    You do. You can currently still get the plugin, you have have to go to the bukkitdev page and manually pick the version from the 'files' tab

    The link is up.

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