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Discussion in 'Staff Goodbyes' started by toothplck1, Sep 6, 2014.

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    Hello Bukkit Community,

    I am t00thpick1, you all may not know me, but I have been heavily involved in the Bukkit Project over the last year, between staff doing approvals and handling reports, to doing work on Bukkit and CraftBukkit themselves at the requests of the core team when they needed something.

    About three years ago, I began contributing for a medium sized Bukkit plugin known as Residence, because it was buggy and I used it on my server, these contributions are what launched into play a major chapter of my life. Over time, I eventually took over development of that plugin, and even moved into another project, mcMMO, as well.

    At about this time, I started to see the stress that the approval staff was under with approval times, and in an effort to improve them, I applied to help. After a few days I was contacted by TnT and joined up. For a few months following I plugged away at my plugins, and approved away in the queue’s, and life was simple.

    That’s when I started finding gaps in features and bugs in features in CraftBukkit and Bukkit, which sparked my beginnings in contributing to them both. I got more and more involved, and eventually just began doing whatever the core team members requested me to do. I brought in a respectable number of bug fixes, and a good bit of new API. Things were rolling fun and fine.

    Over the last few months however, I have watched as motivation in both aspects of the project that I was involved in dwindle, I saw file and project queues growing, and I saw less and less work on development. Not because there was a lack of want, but because the work was growing exponentially, while the volunteer force was staying the same, if not shrinking. People began overworking themselves to the point where they would just stop. After a few months of this, I read EvilSeph’s post, announcing the discontinuing of Bukkit, and while sad, I had expected it was coming, the signs were all there for a while. Yet, everyone in the community seems to think that he is just terrible, for merely announcing that he couldn’t keep asking people to overwork themselves on a project that was becoming increasingly impossible to keep up with.

    Frankly I am appalled at how suddenly a community can crucify someone who has spent years of his life providing a wonderful service to everyone, asking nothing in return, just because he cared enough about his peer’s wellbeing. I am further appalled at the way that certain Mojang employees have been pointing fingers at him as if he were some harbinger of destruction, just attempting to stir up trouble.

    I no longer have the heart to serve a community who can demonize someone who has done nothing but serve them. To those who I have come to call friends and peers, I will try to remain in contact.

    And so, I announce my departure and retirement from Bukkit,
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    I have not noticed this incident before.

    Before every (long awaited) bukkit update I have read harsh demands like "WE NEED THE UPDATE N-O-W!";
    upper case letters, annoying tone of "voice".:mad:
    I always asked myself how could the staff stay so calm to all those offences?
    Nearly all the time you showed an enormous patience in your answers.

    And only a small number of people even wrote a "thank you" after each release..

    There are more people who respect your work but most of them just "use" it and did not took the time for a "thanx" (like me, sorry!)

    That is the bad side of the story:
    As long as everything is working well nobody spends a moment to think about the ones behind the project.
    If something is going wrong many people can only DEMAND -.-

    Now we have enough time to think about how we should have dealt with you all:
    more respectfully and and particularly more thankfully!
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    This is a majour loss, I wish you all the best in future projects.
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    Keep in touch, ya?
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    To those who I have come to call friends and peers, I will try to remain in contact. <-- this includes you :p
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    Gonna miss you! :(
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    Sad to hear you're leaving bukkit!

    As a mere mortal, I guess I can see most don't appreciate the countless hours you guys put in.

    For my part, I'd happily say that it's time the community gave something back.

    Hope to see you around sometime..

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    I will be the first to admit, I did not show appreciation to you guys. I know for a fact that you guys busted your rear and got nothing in return. So for this I want to say I'm sorry and Thank you for your contributions. I now how EvilSeph feels when your doing everything you can with so little, Mojang was WRONG for doing what they did and not take care of the volunteers, throw them a bone so to say. Instead they tried blaming him for Bukkits inevitable demise. They knew they owned Bukkit yet did ABSOLUTELY nothing to keep it going and as of this date STILL haven't done a dam thing. SO to all those remaining Bukkit staff I want to personally say THANK YOU for your hard work and unappreciated dedication to this community.
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    Mr. Mister Man

    Good bye tooth pick. I will miss you dearly! </3
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