Deleting player.dat file on server restart

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by Techtony96, Oct 31, 2012.

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    I'm making a game server that when the server restarts, i need all player data to be erased. So when the log back in, their location, inventory, armor, experience, food, health, etc are all at default. Sort of like the hunger games :D
  2. using File.delete(), you can delete files, just find an way to get a file from the player.dat
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    Im not sure if you can do this, might give errors but you could maybe do something like this:
    File BaseFolder = new File(Bukkit.getServer().getWorld("worldName").getWorldFolder(), "players");
            for(Player p : Bukkit.getOnlinePlayers())
                p.kickPlayer("Bla bla");
                File playerFile = new File(BaseFolder, p.getName()+".dat");
    In the onDisable()
    Im not sure if that works, didn't test it yet.

    Tell me if you need more help!
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    Not a good idea. Not to be rude.

    Like ferrybig said, check for the data folder and then do delete "/plugins/essentials/userdata/" + player.getName() + ".yml"

    Edit: Use something like that if you want to delete essentials files

    otherwise, use Ferrybig's method
  5. I actually meant to delete the world/players/player.dat on enable, and also, not al servers has essentials
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    >Assuming anyone who knows how to make even a simple plugin would use essentials
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    Ooooh I was thinking he meant the essentials file that stored godmode and such.

    But yeah we had the same idea
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    So i how could i just delete the entire folder? it would delete all the files inside it and it would automatically regenerate, right?
  9. when you delete the whole serve,r it should regenerate as it saving
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    I would put this code in onEnable on onDisable? And how would i delete an entire forlder?

  11. You can FIle.delete to remove a directory or a file
    its better to put it in onEnable, as on onDisable, some players may still eft inside the game
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    Ok, so i got the function working, but since not all people run the server in the same directory, how would i make it go into the folder named "world" and then "players", ignoring anything before that, Do you understand what im saying? Here is my code so far...
    2. File players = new File("/world/players");
    3. players.delete();
  13. Code:Java
    2. remove the / from the beginning, as that says it an absolute path
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    When i was testing this, it doesnt delete anything.. :/
  15. does players.delete() returns true or false? if false, there is something not correct
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    You can't delete a non-empty directory via file.delete()
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    String worldName = "world";
    File playerFilesDir = new File(worldName + "/players");
    String[] playerDats = playerFilesDir.list();
    for (int i = 0; i < playerDats.length; i++) {
    File datFile = new File(playerFilesDir, playerDats[i]); 
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