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    In the server config file where online-mode=true, I set it to false because I have my main purchased admin account and then another account on run on the server pc to test to see if perms work and stuff. It used to work at the begining of the year on 1.1.0. Stoped playin for awhile and im starting up again on 1.3.2. Anyway to the problem, the online mode keeps changing itselft to tru after I set it to false. I don't have to worry about other fake accounts because its a closed server and every login is monitored by myself since its only on when i'm on it. i have bPermissions and Antiguest plugins installed by the way. Anyway of fixing this online-mode to stay on false instead of changing back to true, and yes I save the file after I edit it.
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    Can you try to shut down the server, edit the file and then startbukkit? If it still resets, reboot your computer, then edit the file and THEN start up bukkit
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    We do not support online mode=false here.

    Get a friend to help you:)
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    lol how could I have misread that
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    You... want us to help you run an offline mode server? That's crazy talk!

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