[DELETED] [CHAT] Whisper v-1.0 - Advanced Chat Plugin [1.2.5-R5.0]

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    Whisper - Advanced Chat Plugin
    Version: v-1.0

    DELETED Whisper has been deleted. I apologize if you would like to use Whisper, but it is no longer available. This post, however, has not been deleted and I have not found a way to remove it.

    To moderators: please delete this thread if possible.
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    Nice,can you add a private chat system?

    P.S. Or a command to find out which channel a user is on
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    Both good ideas, I'm working on adding them (check out the new "Planned Features" section). I'm looking to release v0.3 Wednesday if all goes well.
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    I agree with Gamerguys idea about to know who is in which channel.
    It would be nice, if you could add a command for admins to set certain players into certain channels
    (for example, if you query guests about the rules to unlock them on your server).
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    when would you put the download link up?
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    It's right there under the version ;)
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    ow didn't see it
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    With this plugin, is it possible to use with multiverse, where a pvp world has its own chat/channel, and any other worlds chats can all hear each other, but the pvp world chat is completely seperate?

    Also possibly for admin commands you can add "whisper add playername channel".
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    Multiverse: currently all channels relay messages to players in all worlds, and players can join any channel, not limited by world. I'm hoping to revise this with the "set" command in v0.5 or v0.6.

    I will have admin commands like the one you mentioned (possibly exactly like it) in v0.5.

    Thanks for suggestions! It's good to know what priorities I should have.
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    How about having permissions for only certain groups to be able to create channels. I only want players to select either to join a global, current world, or a "help channel". I don't necessarily want them to be able to create their own channels. This would avoid channel clutter, and make it much simpler.
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    Yeah I agree with mahari13 I want this plugin to use as public chat channels I don't want Members creating channels. I really like this plugin. Also is there a way to make guests join a channel soon as the enter the server? Example Guest channel. Just more perms stuff I think this plugin will be big.
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    All over channel creation permissions. The permission is called "whisper.ch.create" (also "whisper.ch.remove"). There are actually a bunch of permissions for just about every command. Look in the plugin.yml file in the github repository (follow the "source" link) for a complete list.

    0.4 has a Global channel, which is automatically joined by all players (and they can never stop hearing it). I'm not sure what to do for New/Guest channels or other global-ish channels. 0.5 will have the ability for admins to put a player into a channel, which might be a temporary work-around.
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    in my s
    :confused: awesome!!! Big fan of this plugin right now. Yeah that would be fine if like a Guest could just come in at Guest channel that would be perfect. One other thing that would be sexy is that I had iAuction which allows people to set auctions for items (duh) It's so spammy tho if I could somehow make a auction channel for folks to make auctions in where others wont see the darn spam. TBH I don't use iAuctions anymore because of it's spammines? But yeah a auction channel
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    I'm not completely sure if I can make an auction channel. The problem is that Whisper only picks up messages that come from players (called "player chat events"). If a plugin sends messages directly to players, it's impossible for me to regulate what channel they go through (as far as I know). If Whisper becomes popular, I may be able to add a way for other plugins to hook into Whisper and send messages through a specific channel, but that's far in the future if at all.

    Caveat to that, though. I have seen several chat plugins that seem to enable an auction channel or other similar channels. I'm not sure how they do it, or if they just provide the capability like I suggested. I guess it's possible that some auction plugins have a built-in channel feature so that only some users hear the spamminess of the auctions, and then you could just make a channel in Whisper with the same name. I'll see what's possible in the future. :)
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    ALL GOOD not a huge deal to me really. This is the only chat plugin I have found that actually works right out of the box so I'm extremely happy and will adjusting my server to use this as the channel organizer.
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    Could you add the possibility that someone has to request to join the chat?
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    Currently, private channels offer the opposite functionality. That is, the owner of the channel can invite a player to a channel and then they are able to join it. Of course, a standard public channel does have a certain request feature - a player must type a command to join - but there is no ability to refuse requests by the owner, so it's probably not exactly what you're talking about.

    I'm a little hesitant to add a request command, primarily because of the possibility of spamming requests, but I will consider it.
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    Well, you could set a delay for requests, for example: you can only send a request every x Minutes.
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    Good suggestion. I'll think about adding it in an upcoming version, 0.6 at the latest.
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    So the plugin is called whisper but doesn't have private msg features? ...why?

    Also I'll be monitoring this thread as I'll be using it over mchat and I'll be telling a dev I'm close with he can use your chat api for his plugin.
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    I haven't added a /msg or /tell command because the default /tell is already implemented very well. It's also basically the same as creating a channel that you both hear and speak into and another person only hears, except that the other person can choose whether or not to receive the message (be in the channel), a feature that /tell doesn't have. I have though about making a "speak" command so that all messages send by a player will go only to another player until some other command is used, without him having to type /tell every time, but I'll need to think about it more before it gets added, possibly in 0.7.

    Wonderful! I hope you like it, and I'm always looking for feedback, even on small things.
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    i have a huge problem, i am trying to use this plugin because the default /tell is such a crap, and i need private messages, i dont know why but when i type something it appears duplicated in chat, i really need your help to solve this problem.
    att turolla
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    My first reaction is that you still have the Global channel on and are also speaking in a private channel. Then yes, it will appear through both Global and your channel. There are two ways around this. First, you can disable the Global channel altogether in the config file (found in plugins/Whisper). Or, you can leave the Global channel (leaving only means that you don't speak into it - you still hear it) with /whisper global leave.

    If this isn't the problem, you'll need to be more specific for me to help you. I would need to know how the messages are formatted, i.e. what the name of the channel in brackets ("[" and "]") is sending the messages.
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    Yeah this was more confusing to setup than mchat (hard to believe)

    and it didnt have titles from permissions.
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    Sorry. I am not speaking on private message, i am speaking on global chat but somehow the message goes duplicated(one from whispers [G], and other from(i think) the default chat)
    [G]<turolla2000>: Hi!
    you know, that is the problem.
    att turolla
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    Can you tell me how it was more confusing to set up? I'll agree that editing commands is tricky, but not at all required. As far as I know, it works out of the box.

    And prefixes from permissions require the Essentials plugin for the current version. Looking to fix that in v0.6 or later.
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    Well for one it kept telling me no one heard me.

    I don't want a ranged chat. (maybe one channel that's region specific)
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    No one hears you if nobody is listening to the same channels. If global's on and there are other people on the server, that is a problem though. If your messages have no receivers, the plugin sends you a message so that you know.

    There is only one region specific channel - Local (check it out with "/whisper local").
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