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    @Woolcity Agreed
    @ewized Give him credit for it or make it an add on to u-create
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    I can't understand how this guy got an Plugin Developer tag if this is his/her first plugin in and is an ripoff whith some minor things added
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    Anyways, even if this is a ripoff - which probably, by the looks of it, it is - he coded (developed, you name it) those minor features, what makes him a developer.
    You, sir, deserve my thanks. You have just spoken for me here, all I wanted to say you did. My sincere congratulations.
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    Um I am a native English speaker so I am confused what you were trying to say in that.
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    Of everything I have said on this thread, you decide to quote my comment about natively speaking English! What are you thinking! If you were going to comment on something I said, I would rather you mention some of my accusations and either admit to them or prove me wrong (with some source code)
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    I included the source code you just need to open it up with 7 zp
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    I took a look at the source code and although you changed some things, the important base of it (like the "CreativeWorldz"Generator class is completely untouched except for the change in namespace. Although you have changed some very minor things throughout the plugin and added a couple small commands to it, it is still completely unacceptable to call this plugin your own. Even the message saying that the core of this plugin is from uCreate does not cut it. Taking an actively developed plugin, adding a small feature, and releasing it, even with a note that the base of it is from uCreate simply doesn't work. I am aware that @DrAgonmoray rejected your small changes to his plugin. However, this does not give you rights in the open source community to fork his plugin, add that small feature, and release it as your own. In the position that you are in, you can either take his plugin and add those features, but keep it only on your server. Or, you send @DrAgonmoray your "updated" source code and see if he will just accept your changes. If he had a GitHub for it, you would just make a pull request.

    Even with the source code, you still don't have the right to release this plugin. I STRONGLY "recommend" that you delete this thread and follow 1 of the 2 pieces of advise I gave you (or try option 2 and fall back on option 1)
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    Since the update, the no drops function doesn't seem to be working.

    Can you add the sub items to spawn?
    like 35:x for colored wool etc?

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    I thought that was aimed at me and not him :)

    Since all that has been said and seen, please edit the post so it is clear this is actually a "fork" of uCreate, since you use most of the original code AND please add the original author's anme somewehere to be clearly visible.

    And since plugins are GPL by default this should be enough AFAIK. Of course if you prove me wrong @Supersam654 I'll look into it again.
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    I believe this a perfectly fair solution. And yes, the English speaking thing was directed at you ( @Plague )
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    This feature was already added. I just forgot that you give it to your self in a different way because I'm a noob. Say if you wanted blue wool you want to do this /item 35 64 11 /[command] [mainID] [amount] [subID]
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    clear inventory upon leaving the creative world ?:D
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    how could I make it so when the players warp in/out of the world, the items in their inventory disappear
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    This is a fake rip off of uCreate. Don't download. Stealing code is illegal. It's like copying a book. If any mods are reading delete this post. uCreate is the original plugin. The person who stole the code is probably a small child trying to get popular on the web. All credit goes to Dr. A.

    If there was a hate button I would have broken it by now.

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    i agree this would be needed. its bad if players can take items lets say into a survival world from the creative one.

    it has noticeable differences tho, its not an exact copy and he even states that.

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