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    you need an external download link for non-members
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    Ok I added the External link
  4. Does this make players break blocks instantly? If so, does it work with logging plugins such as LogBlock? I'm asking because my server previously used a plugin that allowed for instant block-breaking which we used in our Creative world, but blocks broken instantly via the plugin were not able to be logged via LogBlock.

    Also, permissions support :p?
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    Yes and Yes I use LogBlock on my server and it logs and rollback fine. All the features are customizable in the config. Permssions suport will be added later.
  6. Hmm. The world generation has bugged on me :p. All around the flat land it's created cliffs which make a sort of border, like this:

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    I need more info. The most important thing is dose the worlds load before the plugin loads?
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    That looks pretty cool. You could consider it a feature :)
  9. Mmm... I think so :p. I use Multiverse for world management, if that helps.

    Hehe, that's true. It does look awesome, but doesn't provide my users with much land :p
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    @ChrizC @Plague

    I could be totally wrong, but this plugin looks exactly like my plugin uCreate (found in my signature)
    This plugin has every feature mine as and nothing more. Each config node is named the same thing as mine and is in the same order. I can't check the source because I don't see it available anywhere.

    My apologies to the creator if this is indeed your own plugin.
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    Yes I made the plugin like yours for a reference to make my first plugin but there are features that you would not add so I use the ideas you would not add. In the terms and services states as long as you make it open anyone can change the code and resubmit it back to bukkit.
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    If there is a demand for this sort of thing I may actually release CreativeBanana lol
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    What exactly did you change? As far as I'm concerned you took my plugin and slapped a brand new name on it.
    I'd honestly rather you didn't try and resubmit my work (my work and what minor changes you made) as your own.
    Instead of copying it and resubmitting it, try making a pull request on Github. That IS what it's for after all.

    Try reading this, particularly the second paragraph.

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    Ok Ok but I dont care what happens to this thread. This was just one of my first plugins that I was using to get better and I only did this so I can get the feature I want when you said no. You can find out what I changed, on my server.

    You should

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    So is this an official complaint against intellectual property infringement or you just don't like it much, which I can do nothing about? :)
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    it looks like a complaint to me. I also looked at it and it is exactly the same code and everything as uCreate plugin. Give or take like 10 lines that were edited...
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    Now that I've basically been forced to use this due to uCreate being disabled, can you tell me what you put in the bukkit.yml again? Copying and pasting doesn't work in this instance.
  18. Code:
            generator: CreativeWorldz
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    Still not generating:

    8-11-2011 12-12-32 AM.png

    This plugin's /i command works, but doesn't generate a flat world. uCreate generates a flat world, but /i doesn't work.

    WHY ME!??
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    I apologize for the interference, but this actually could perfectly be a ripoff, is nearly identical to uCreate.
  21. Well, I got /i working with uCreate. I opened up the .jar with winrar, opened up plugin.yml and removed the entire command block.

    After restarting my server it then allowed CommandBook's /i command to work.
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    You need to use a plugin like multi verse and not have the creative world the default world. This is just a quick fix untill i try to make it run first.

    I fix it just re download and let the plugin recreate the plugin.yml
    But you will still need to remove the i and item command block if you want to use commandbook

    I fix it just re download and let the plugin recreate the plugin.yml

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    @ewized you should be completely ashamed of yourself for stealing another dev's plugin, giving that dev ABSOLUTELY NO CREDIT WHATSOEVER, and then dodging the fact that you stole it.

    @Plague when a dev becomes so... INFURIATED (not exactly the right word, but close enough) about something that he decides to quit developing Bukkit plugins, his "anger" is not just not liking the plugin but is clearly a complaint against intellectual property. And seeing as @DrAgonmoray clearly pointed out that this plugin shows some obvious signs of being an exact copy, he has every right (especially in an open-source community) to see the source-code of this project and see if this plugin really is blatant fraud! And I know that you are quite busy with all aspects of Bukkit, but it is your duty as a moderator (who is approving plugins) to make sure that when someone suspects that a plugin is blatant fraud that you investigate these claims and come to a conclusion. IMNVHO It is absolutely absurd that you took @DrAgonmoray 's last comment as "not liking the plugin" when he is clearly alluding to the fact that this plugin is an exact replica of his.

    If you really care about the developers in this community that truly make Bukkit successful, then I HIGHLY "suggest" that you demand the source-code of this plugin and find out if it is or is not a stolen plugin.
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    I really appreciate this post, however I used my anger to create some major updates to uCreate. If I ever decide to release it, it will put all other creative plugins to shame- especially this.
    However, I am still thinking about if I should release it.
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    Referencing this post is a perfectly valid reason for keeping your plugins closed-source. Maybe under certain circumstances might you actually release the code to certain individuals.
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    The sad fact is, there are java decompilers out there. If someone really wanted to, they could still get my source.
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    True, but do you think that some idiot who is trying to just "rename" your source-code has the technical abilities to use a decompiler?
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    My point is that copying a plugin is only an infringement when it goes against the license. Since I do not know the license of the original, I asked.

    I either do not understand fully what you all are typing here (possible, not a native speaker) or there was no clear request/report, all I see is "oh he copied it" but that could very well mean forking
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    I thought that copying a plugin and redistributing a nearly identical version under your name was an infringement of any license short of the public domain.

    Although I also understand the "copied it" misunderstanding, @DrAgonmoray clearly said:
    which is copyright infringement, not forking. Then, @ewized says the following:
    This is a very...misleading comment because it really doesn't say much right to your face. However, the first sentence makes it sound like he knows that he did something wrong, the 2nd sentence sounds like he used uCreate and just added 1 or 2 minor features (I believe they were denied feature requests in the uCreate thread). He finishes up his comment with a link to his server that doesn't actually show what he changed in it...

    Also, I had no idea that you weren't a native English speaker! Your grammar and writing is generally better than most people's writing I see on the forum! Great work learning such a tough language! To this day, I still struggle with some weird grammar things and spelling in general.
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    ewized, you could at least provide credit to DrAgonmoray. Seriously. It's just unethical otherwise. Maybe you could just mention it as a fork off the other plugin.

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