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    I have a server on Beastnode and i only have a 5Gig Space limit. Is there a plugin or can someone make a plugin that deletes a player from the Essentials Player List and all of the world's players list after 1 month?

    Sorry thats its breif. I am kinda panicing. i reached the limit and it would not even let me /tp
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    Just wipe the player folder.
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    You should use Commandbook instead, it's much lighter than Essentials.
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    What about the dat files?
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    Thats what i ment.

    Not going to happen in a million years.
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    While it may be lighter, it also offers a LOT more functionality that many other plugins miss. Timed jails. Mail. Teleports. Newbie and default spawns. Warps. You can even check how long someone has been offline. I could go on.

    Also, CommandBook, like WorldEdit, has issues. Currently, it is not updated with true north (as Notch changed sunrise direction when releasing 1.0.0). CommandBook also has an issue with /setspawn, where it will place you on the axis of 4 blocks. Essentials places you EXACTLY where you set the spawn. To server owners like myself were we are particular about this kind of thing, Essentials wins.
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    The thing about that is you can replace those features with plugins that specifically do that, and do it better than Essentials. In commandbook you can choose which features you want, and which you do not want. With that flexibility, one which Essentials lacks, you can use plugins that focus on /tp, or plugins that focus on /spawn, to handle the things you dislike about commandbook. Also, GM is pretty bad.

    Why not?

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    I am just using the EssentialsCore and EssentialsSpawn. PermissionsEX is handling permissions for me.
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    Do you have any issues with using PEX on Multiple worlds? (If you got multiverse/permissions)

    Like, I got a building world and a PVP world. Some of the permissions from building world is going to pvp with the other people.

    Also, With SubGroups. My Donators get their regular rank and side rank. It wont let them keep the subgroup. Are you having issues like this?
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    I am only using a single world (no Nether, no End), as I have a plugin to spawn all mobs (no dragons) in my regular world. I have no need for other worlds at this time.

    In regards to subgroups, you might want to ask someone else. My hierarchy is simple: Newbies (default) > Players > VIP > Mods > Admins
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    So basically, you don't need a new plugin to do this.

    EDIT: No, you really don't. Just delete the files. It should be just server maintenance, but if you want a plugin to do it for you, then nevermind
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    Yea i do.
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    use this host i used to use beastnode but these guys are way better
    right now they dont really enforce harddrive space from what i can tell and i have around 150gigs in backups
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    I am liking beastnode. Sorry. I am just wondering if anyone could make this.
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    player data is really small, I doubt it would make much difference

    the .dat files on mine with 1309 players = 5.2MB and Essentials userdata is the same
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