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    Well I've said this before however I'll just reference it.

    Some of you know my personal issues, which I don't want to dive into it. Let me just say that it has been a pleasure.


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    You will never be forgotten. From the first day you joined I had the luxury of waking up to an empty queue. Fun times :)
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  3. Back in the days I remember when we were working on some compat. fixes for my plugin.
    You were the best, and one of the oldest veterans here. I hope to see you somewhere else also.
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    You and DreTaX were two of only a handful of devs I interacted with fairly often. I still have AdminSmoke, lol. Easily the best beer money I've ever spent. And the time I asked if you ran a certain dubious website who's owner shares your name... Lol, good times. Since you're both here, I'd like to thank you both for all the help you've given over the years. You guys were great and it was very appreciated. Good luck in whatever trials life has in store for you. Goodbye!
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  5. Thanks.

    We will see what happens, i will probably give some updates out of my plugins. Depends on future
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