Deep Storage Unit (DSU)

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    Description of plugin
    A deep storage unit would preferably be an enderchest or a dropper that always faces downwards, and it would hold an infinite amount of 1 item. you choose what Item it holds, and you can change it at any time. the interface would involve 3 buttons, 1 to hover your mouse over to see how many items are in it, 2 to change what item it holds (it would reset the count of the items to prevent duplication) and 3 to left click to take 1 stack or shift click to take a whole inventory. using hoppers to transfer items into it would be an ideal way to do it, but preferably any of the item you choose in it (example: blaze rods) would be instantly transported into it to decrease server lag and CPU/memory usage. If enchanted items, or custom named items are attempted to be put into the DSU, it would say a message like "Enchanted items are not allowed to be placed into a deep storage unit!" and if you try to put a DSU into a DSU it would say something like "you can't put a singularity into a singularity!" and when you do something like change the item it holds, it says "you've successfully changed the item stored!" screenshots of how this plugin would look are included in the zip file.

    Hopefully can work on 1.8 or 1.12, the server I want to host is on 1.8, but I have a basic duplicate of it on 1.12.

    I am hosting a skyblock server, this server generates no revenue, the ranks are all earned through gameplay, and the island top rewards are in game item vouchers redeemable the next season. This server has no address currently so I only host it for my friends and others in my area. (although the player count will increase in not that long from now)

    Command prefixes:
    /DSU give <player> <amount 1-64>
    gives player DSU

    /DSU reset
    resets the item in DSU in hand, and amount stored

    *this one may not be able to be done, but would be a nice replacement for the first 2*:

    opens on a GUI that has some options such as: DSU give, you click it and it says something like "type player name in chat to give them a DSU, type /DSU to abort" or DSU reset, then it says something like "type confirm in chat if you would like to reset the DSU in your held hand"


    Other information:
    If this plugin requires any others or any other APIs to run, there is no problem with that.

    (What the DSU would Ideally look like)
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