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    While I love DeathTpPlus and still using it, I expect without a dev it will eventually stop working.
    Also tried these, but no updates in a long time and seem to have a few bugs/errors.

    Plugin category: Antigrief / Fun

    Suggested name: DeathChests+

    What I want: When you get killed by a player/mob you drop a Deathchest.
    The Deathchest is locked for X time, once that time has passed any player can open it.
    Also after X time the chest will just break and items will drop out.

    Deathchest will not drop a chest where a player has no build rights. (Worlguard, Factions, etc)

    Ideas for commands:
    No commands

    Ideas for permissions:

    When I'd like it by: When ever is possible. :)


    Future versions or source code for others to add.
    /deathchest - Teleports you to your Deathchest
    /deathchest NAME - Teleports self/players to Deathchest


    Death messages to go along with it.
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    I have tried it, and prefer DeathTpPlus over it since its working fine and more up to date.
    It is on the heavy side cause a bunch of features i don't plan on using.

    Example the economy, dynmap, tomb signs, irc, killstreaks, is not being used right now.
    Which is why I prefer something new and lightweight. :)

    Wish I did use all that, but I would have to do a overhaul and right now i can't I am trying to expand in other aspects of the game.
    Maybe in the future I will cause I really like most of those things.
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    Duh , dont post when under influence of headache :) :(
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    It's cool. :D
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    This sounds fun. Ill attempt it. I won't be able to work on it nonstop, but maybe by next weekend I might have something. :) Do you want the chest to just break after X time or for anybody to open it and not have the chest break after X time?
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    Sorry didn't get an alert that you replied, I should change that. (looks into settings)

    I die by any cause I will drop a deathchest.
    The deathchest will be locked for 4mins, nobody but myself can open it.
    After 8 minutes the chest will get destroyed and the contents will fall out.

    You can hook into LWC I suppose, or have your own locking mechanism.

    Thanks for giving this a try, no rush since I am using something till a lightweight/updated version of this type of plugin is released.
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    I've made a bukkitdev project for this here. Feel free to check it out. :D

    I should be done in a few hours. :)

    v0.1.0 is done! :D Please report any bugs on the issue tracker! :)

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    I know you have been busy, just it has a good amount of bugs.
    I'll report them all when your back, you seem to be tied up which is understandable and I hope everything is ok with you.
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    You would be right. :( I'm completely free for a long while after the 15th (school). Sorry for the inconvenience, all of my projects have accumulated a lot of reports of the time I've been dead. Thanks for sticking with me. ;)
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    No worries, I know how it feels to be tied up with real life.
    Work is kicking my ass and keeping me for overtime while we work on a special project.

    School > Minecraft ;)

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