Death -> empty Foodbar at respawn

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    Plugin category: General / Roleplaying
    Suggested name: ?? Food Bar Control ??

    A bit about me:
    I'm a Server Owner , my Server is a RPG Server I enjoy programming and configuring Plugins so maybe thats why i've more than 30 plugins on the Server :DDD

    What I want: .
    There is a glitch people use so they don't have to buy food from other players ...
    They kill themself ( all their items are in a chest ) and their food bar is full again ...
    So my idea is to make the food bar empty after every death / respawn ;)

    Ideas for commands: No commands needed for this plugin.

    Ideas for permissions: Maybe :
    Foodbar.Influenced (Food Bar has influence on this player / group)
    Foodbar.Uninfluenced (Food Bar has NO influence on this player / group)
    Similar plugin requests:
    I haven't seen any

    Who may be Interested : I hope a lot of Programmers

    Would be really nice if someone would take care of that :D

    Thanks 4 reading Methero​
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    So if they die and the cause was from lack of food. Then they respawn with no health bar. Sure give me 10 mins.
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    Wow, this is a great idea!
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    Wait when they die for any reason or just from hunger?

    What about when they die they get the same foodbar level they had when they die. So if they die from no food. Your pretty much....

    Just to note. PlayerRespawnEvent ALWAYS gives full health regardless if you set it. Either way I picked the best work around for it.

    Function when a player dies the most recent health bar value is saved. Regards of cause and when they respawn it sets their foodbar back to original state.

    No commands,

    One permission node.


    (Arg... I was shooting for 10 mins but during testing losing health takes forever.)

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