Deadly Waters

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    Plugin category: Fun, Roleplay

    Suggested name: Deadly Waters (Feel free to use a different name)

    What I want: A plugin that makes water do X amount of damage every Y seconds (X and Y are defined in a config file). A message will also be displayed to the player every few seconds he is in the water, telling him the water is hurting him. This message will be customizable in the config as well.

    Permission Nodes: Deadlywaters.ignore - Prevents player from taking damage from waters.

    When I'd like it by: Some time within the next few days.

    There have been a few plugins that do this already, but they are all broken/outdated.
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    This should be relatively easy to do. My mate knows java, ill see if he wants to make this.

    Also, i'm not sure if the player should receive a message because that would get a bit spammy. They will make a noise and their hearts will go down anyway, i'm sure they'll notice..

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    There are likely plugins like this already, try searching for 'poison' or 'acid' on the plugins list.
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    The two I've found were BadWater2 and Toxic-Water. BadWater2 is outdated and no longer being updated, while Toxic-Water is broken, outdated and not being updated.
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    no phone

    I'd like to see this
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    You could also use Skript to do this, with the following script:
    every X seconds: # change the X to some number
      loop all players:
        block at loop-player is water
        damage the loop-player by Y hearts # change the Y here as well
    The only issue with this approach is that a player can sometimes safely touch water and sometimes not, depending on when the code is executed (if you set X low this shouldn't be a big problem though).

    BTW: most plugins from 1.2.5 work with 1.3.1 as well, that's the benefit of using Bukkit ;)
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