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Discussion in 'WIP and Development Status' started by Darkman2412, Feb 18, 2012.

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    ArcadeBox is a Spout(plugin)-based plugin, that makes it possible to developers to create new games inside Minecraft (gameception ftw). :D

    • ArcadeBlock... Nothing to say
    • On it's own, it doesn't do anything. But with the power of Bukkit and Spout, you can make any (2D) game!
    How it works:
    It loads games from the "plugins/ArcadeBox/games/" directory. Every .jar file inside that directory, that contains a file named "game.yml", can be added as a game. Once a player plays the that game, the server will run the start() method of that game.

    STATUS: Partially working! (API OUT!)



    You need to include SpoutPluginAPI, Bukkit and the API file in your build path.

    - Your game class needs to extend ArcadeGame. You will need 5 methods inside that class:
    onEnable(), start(GameStartEvent), stop(), handleKeyPress(KeyPressedEvent) and handleKeyRelease(KeyReleasedEvent).
    - When the game gets loaded in the system, the onEnable() will be called. If you want to set some variables inside the onEnable(), you will need to make those variables static, since it will create a new instance of every game (this will cause the variables to reset, :/).
    - stop() gets called when the window closes.
    - You probably know what handleKeyPress/handleKeyRelease do, no? :p

    - Since ArcadeGame extends GenericPopup, you can use any Spout method. When you attach a widget (attachWidget()), you should use attachWidget(widget), not the attachWidget(plugin, widget)!


    I'll just give an example of the game.yml (this one needs to be in the .jar, like a plugin.yml should be).
    name: ...
    main: package + classname
    version: ...
    description: ...
    author: ...
    You need to compile your code, and put the .jar in: "./plugins/ArcadeBox/games/".

    I don't know what to say more, so if you need any help, PM me or put your question in this topic!

    ADVANCED STATUS: not started, started, done
    • Game loading system
    • Spoutcraft client addon, which makes the movement of the game (or GUI elements) smoother
    • API (Server-based API works, but it should be compatible with client version)
    That's all for now.


    Early GUI screenshot: (about 1 week old).
    The GUI doesn't work properly anymore :p

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    Awesome picture!
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    I'm making Pacman for ArcadeBox atm! :p
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    That is SO cool!
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    Love the idea. When this is ready for download, i'm going to have it on my server.
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    API is available for download now. You can find the information in the first post ^ !
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    any updates on this?
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    Great idea! :) Please update them.
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    this is almost 2 years old :\
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    I know but... it's great project :(
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    No one uses spout... its pretty much dead
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