D'awwww, a server stole my plugins :(

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by DrAgonmoray, May 5, 2012.

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    It's probably worth it, but I read online that DDOSing is a crime. Do you use a proxy or something to make it untraceable? I'm pretty unfamiliar with hacking.
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    Correct. However, different countries have different jurisdictions, although they are all quite similar:

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    I wasn't planning on hacking, or doing anything for that matter. If I needed to, I'd just use a shell on a Dedi.
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    Nathan C

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    Also please note, here is not the place to discuss potentially illegal activities such as DDOSing.
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    Ha I just saw this, got a good laugh about it all. (I'm the manager that works his ass off running the server btw). And it's not really stealing your plugins when you provide the plugins to the server for it to use haha. And if you don't mind listing off a couple plugins you feel we still use/have stolen. Not to mention if we do in fact use plugins that you had created for JusticeCraft, or even renamed them, we wouldn't go as far as to remove the Author credits inside the plugin YML so you still get credit for your work. (Not to mention the footer on the website as you so clearly pointed out). And as far as the ddosing goes, it's funny how people love to jump on the bandwagon however I regret to inform you we do have ddos protection.

    And might I just add although I don't know the exact details behind the 'hiring' of Evenprime, I do know that there was nothing produced from it and he had mentioned many times prior about stopping development on No Cheat due to many reasons.

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    renaming them, IP banning me, and giving no recognition sounds like stealing to me.

    • JusticeLogs - originally "BoxxStupidLogs"
    • JusticeList - originally "BoxxList"
    • JusticeMacros - originally "BoxxMacros"
    • JusticePvPLog - I actually named it that because I thought Fear wasn't an asshole that would IP ban me, but you still IP banned me and gave me little/no recognition.
    k, we can see your name.
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    You were IP banned due to abusing your staff powers, nothing more. And if anyone was to ask we'd gladly drop your name for plugins you created, but it's also stated inside the plugin.yml.

    Still credited to you.
    Actually functionality remade (without refactoring I might add in) due to many API changes.
    An asshole who would ban you for abusing your staff permissions/console access? And you don't see someone go onto a server and say "Who made the plugin that does <insert functionality here>". Now if there was a question like that then we would gladly give full credit to the creator.

    And I sign my name at the end like you would a letter to present some formality. I'm sorry if that is beyond you though.

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    lol. i was banned after Fear didn't like what I had to say on Skype. He didn't like my views on Spout and then he started calling me vulgar names and getting all mad, then *poof* removed from contacts and IP banned.
    because obviously everyone can see the plugin.yml
    yeah, that's why you changed the name..
    Fair enough, although I couldn't have known that because I was IP banned...
    I never had any permissions higher than the normal member, nor any console access...
    I don't expect them to, but you eliminated any chance of that happening by renaming them. You took off my public "Boxx" 'trademark' (if you will) and replaced it with "Justice." It is assumed that the Justice people made it.
    >implying this is a letter
    >implying this requires formality
    >ignoring the fact that comparing this to a letter is a terrible analogy due to the fact that a letter doesn't have your name and avatar pasted at the top of it.
    woah, i didn't know who you were until then

    But really, unv, I don't have anything against you, and I infact DO respect you. Please don't change that.

    hi FearGrump

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    I like how you vandalized tampered with the property of JusticeCraft Server Inc. without consent from senior management.
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    I like it too. lets do tea sometime?

    no? meh, I'm not much of a tea person. but i love you anyway. just like i love mbaxter
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    Well actually most plugins aren't listed in /plugins due to the fact that we hide 90% of our plugins. And if you think about it we gave you credit twice, once for the Boxx version and now for the Justice version ;D

    Alright, well I need to get some sleep. You kids play nice now.

    -Annihilator *trollface*
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    hide 90% of plugins, eh?
    hey look, a full list: *trollface*
    FactionsPlus 0.4.6
    ColoredSigns 1.2
    WorldBorder 1.5.3
    obuShutTheHellUp 0.3
    EssentialsSpawn 2.9.1
    JusticeSpawner 1.2.4
    JusticePVPlog 1.0
    SpamGuard 0.4
    JusticeList 1.1
    JusticeFactionBackup 1.0
    ServerSigns 2.4
    LWC 4.2.1 (b700-git-MANUAL) (May 20, 2012)
    NoCheatPlus 3.6.1
    AutoAnnouncer 1.7-03.23
    FalseBookCore 0.93alpha
    WorldGuard 5.5.2
    FalseBookExtra 0.93alpha
    PluginList 1.7
    iConomy 7.0
    CreativeGates 1.3.3
    JusticeHideLogin 1.1.6
    VoxelSniper 5.124
    VanishNoPacket 3.6.2
    JusticeLogs 1.0
    Votifier 1.6
    Essentials Pre2.9.2.2
    Minequery 1.5
    Multiverse-Core 2.4-b527
    Factions 1.6.8
    Permissions 2.7.7
    LagMeter 1.8
    Vault 1.2.16-b184
    AntiPub 0.2.3
    EssentialsGeoIP Dev2.9.36
    JusticeBans 1.2.4
    WorldEdit 5.3
    AutoDonate 1.2.5
    Herochat 5.5.0
    FalseBookBlock 0.93alpha
    RemoteToolkitPlugin 0.6
    PermissionsEx 1.19.2
    JusticeMacros 1.2.4
    ChestShop 3.42
    ObsidianDestroyer 1.2.53
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    Just wondering, how on earth are we supposed to access your server and look inside the plugin YML's of your plugins?
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    We dont have to give credits to him actually. I hired him and paid for individual projects. He was laid off. Does every company state what every employee has done through the duration that they are with the company?
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    mbaxter ʇıʞʞnq ɐ sɐɥ ı

    Locked on request.
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