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    Hey guys,
    I've got a plugin- request. My friend and I built a quite nice and big numeric display with (so far) 2 decimals and you can show numbers on it by activating switches. We used FalseBook (the decimals are made out of Glowstone which can be toggled to Soul Sand with Redstone). Everything works, but we thought that it would be awesome if this thing could show the real world (or even in-game) time. We thought about how to do that... But we realized that this isn't possible without a plugin.
    What about a plugin which can convert data (from the internet) into redstone signals? I thought about a setup like "MIDIBanks" (lots of blocks in a row). Every block would have a switch on both sides (one side for one decimal) and the first switch in the row would toggle the 1, the 2nd the 2... And the first block has a sign on it ([DATA] Time for example) which shows the plugin which data to output. This could also work with the temperature e.g. You could set the data source in a config- file.
    This would be an awesome thing. People would build really cool things with it.

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