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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by Deadly_Dream, Jan 20, 2020.

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    Minecraft Version: 1.15

    Suggested Name: Darker Nights

    What I Want: I would like the ability for a lower dark light level where at night the world becomes a silhouette in caves you cant see AT ALL without a torch. Also allow for admins to bypass this effect with a specific command.

    If possible, im not sure if it is, but if another player is holding a torch you can see what they see as well. Kind of Like with dynamic lighting. Highly doubt its possible but worth a try.

    Ideas for Commands
    /dark timestart set [time in ticks]
    /dark timestop set [time in ticks]
    /dark bypass

    Ideas for Permissions:

    When I'd Like It By: March 1st
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    This is a client modification and not really a plugin.
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    Only way is to give players blindness at night :/
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    Kinda only possible through modding. Sorry. Unless Bukkit adds support for that kind of stuff I don't think it's possible. Sorry :(

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