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  1. This plugin spawns a giant zombie by an admin for a specified time, the giant zombie cannot be killed but people can damage it, when the time ends, the giant zombie despawns and the person who given the most damage to the zombie, wins.
    /dm spawn <time> - the giant zombie spawns at the admin's location for sepcified time
    /dm end - ends the round and despawns the giant zombie without a winner
    /dm reload - reloads the plugin
    dm.admin - ability to spawn, end and reload the plugin
    Nametag above the giant zombie: '&4Damage This Zombie!'
    Broadcast message on spawn: '&cGiant Zombie has spawned, damage it the most to win!'
    Broadcast message on insta-end: '&cThe Giant Zombie has been despawned by an admin! No winners!'
    Broadcast at the end of the time: '&b%winner% given the most damage the mob and wins!'
    Command after the time ends:
    - eco give %winner% 100
    - give %winner% 1 diamond
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    I'll get started on this ASAP.

    EDIT: I know I just made a plugin for you that uses the command /dm. Do you want me to use a different command for this? Or implement this into the other plugin?
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    I would find it funny to let allow to spawn other entities, that have other maybe custom moving algorithm to make the hitting harder .. And yes I know why he chose a giant zombie
  4. @Jake861 Sure, You can choose any another command, I'm just looking for something short, like 2-4 letter command.

    @InstanceofDeath To be honest with you, I have no idea what you said :D you're too techical for me, I only chose giant zombie so people can see if from distance, able ti easily shoot it with arrows, because if its a normal zombie/npc, people will overcroud near it and people will hit each another instead and cause chaos.
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    Its a pleasure for me to explain you my text :)

    I just had the idea that there are other mobs you can spawn. With different custom Movement. So they dont act like normal. Algorithim means just a row of commands for example:
    1. go 1 block forward
    2. turn to the left
    3. If there is a player -> attack
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    Complete! https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/66163411/DamageGame.jar

    Few notes: There is no reload command as there is no config to reload.

    The command for use is /dg <spawn> <end> etc

    The permission is dg.admin

    The giant's head says "Damage This Zombie!", but it's hard to see due to the distance.

    Hope it works well! Let me know if it doesn't.
  7. @Jake861 Thanks a lot, it works great so far, but would it be possible to maybe change the command when someone wins? Also maybe freeze the zombie in place? Thanks
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    I'll work on that.

    And also, what do you want me to change the win commands to? Make them exact.
  9. @Jake861 I wanted /kb coins add <player> 80 and /kb exp add <player> 15, thats all. Thanks.
  10. @Jake861 I found out, that if you shoot it with a bow, it dosen't count the damage.
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    I'll get that all fixed today. Thanks.
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