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    I'm looking for a plugin that does the following:

    Basically, It will work with WorldGuard, and economy(Vault).

    The basic way it will work, is in the config file, there should be a price(Maybe multiple in the future), and a time, and then you add a WorldGuard region with a command in-game. And, whoever is the owner of that region at any time, will have to pay the price in the config file, every time it hits the amount of time in the config file, and basically, when the time comes, a message will be sent globally, or to all owners, to pay the fee using a command(Maybe it reminds the owners individually ever once in awhile), and if it hits the time set in the config file a second time, and someone hasn't paid the first one, they get a warning, and you can define the # of warning until you lose a region in the config file.

    I realize that this would be difficult for busy/vacationing players, If someone can think of a solution that isn't telling me my idea sucks, then feel free to post it.

    The purpose of this, is because, some people have house and/or shop plots on their server, and once they fill up, If there's no reason for a player to leave their house, They won't, therefore new players won't have a chance.

    And, I know there's problems with this idea, such as players just losing their buildings, chests, etc.

    Just posting this because if someone can think of solutions and make this plugin, or if a plugin like this is already made, It would be quite useful I find.

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