Daegonner Infusion {Pick that mines a 3 by 3 by 1 area}

Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by Ilikepizzabruh, Feb 12, 2015.

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    Plugin category: Tools?

    Suggested name: Infusion

    What I want: I would like a plugin like on daegonner pvp, basically there it is a enchantment just like the rest of them and when you get it on your pick or hoe or axe shovel it lets you mine a 3 by 3 area for whatever the tool maybe for example and pick mines a 3 by 3 area for hard blocks like stone obby etc, shovel mines sand dirt the same way, axe breaks wood in a 3 by 3 and finally a hoe tills in a 3 by 3 area.

    Ideas for commands: /infusion on {Enables the enchantment for you}
    /infusion off {Disables it for you}
    /infusion {puts infusion on your tool}
    /infusion offall {Disables the infusion's for all of the server}
    /infusion onall {Enables infusion for the whole server}

    Ideas for permissions: infusion.on {Gives access to infusion on command}
    infusion.off {Gives access to infusion off command}
    infusion.enchant {Allows access to /infusion command}
    infusion.offall {Allows access to infusion offall command}
    infusion.onall {Allows acess to infusion onall command}

    When I'd like it by: Whenever it is most convenient for you.
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    I could do this if you would like.
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    That would be great thanks a lot

    Also one more thing @jeremygascan if you can make it configurable for how much it mines like I can change 3 by 3 to like 4 by 4 or what ever

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    Ooh, looks cool. I'll try giving it a shot as well :p
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    Anyone got further with this?
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    @ZygoZ sure :D

    @Ilikepizzabruh i may have what you need ...

    but in order to complete it im in need of some beta testing :p

    - infusion.toggleall
    - infusion.toggle ( ability to toggle infusion on tool in hand )
    - infusion.use ( ability to use an infused tool )
    - infusion.update ( get notifications on server start if an update is available )

    - update notification on reload / start
    - toggle Infusion with sneak + rightclick
    - breaks 3x3x1
    - tilts ground when hoe is used
    - global toggle with /infusion <onall/offall>
    - infusion only works in survival mode

    - if pickaxe / axe or shovel is used it can break any surrounding block
    - custom item names get overwritten
    - idk ...

    messy source code:

    download beta version:
    http://www.pokemon-online.xyz/plugin/ ( Click Infusion.jar )

    pm me if you find more bugs ...
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