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    Alright. I don't know how hard this one will be, as I am not super experienced with code. What I need is a plugin where players have 6 virtual "slots." The "slots" would be head, arms, legs, torso, and two enhancements. The idea is that they can purchase for configurable amounts upgrades. They can only have one in each slot at a time, and upgrades are custom built in the config something like:
    Slot: (head, torso, arms, legs, enhancement1, enhancement2)
    PermissionNeeded: (example.permission)
    PermissionToReceive: (example.permission)
    Cost: (AmountOfMoney)
    PotionEffect: (PotionEffectName)
    HiddenOnList: (True/False)
    (AnotherUpgrade): and so on.
    They could see what upgrades they currently have by typing /cybernetics current, could list upgrades they can buy with /cybernetics list, buy them with /cybernetics buy (upgrade), and if they have the cybernetics.admin permission they can use /cybernetics give (player) (upgrade) to replace whatever is in that slot with said upgrade.

    I would like this as soon as you can.
    This would be much appreciated. The coder responsible would get free Moderator or maybe even admin on my server.
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