Cutthroat Race (PoE) like plugin, deathmatch exp point system

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    I want this plugin, that you get points per kill, all exp goes to killer when you die, person with the most experience wins after an hour, there are cows (and cows only) to drop meat and to get exp also, the world resets after the hour, along with the points and exp, of course, you get banned for 24 hours upon death, you can't build or break thing, when you start out you have two wood swords and 5 potions of slowness (configurable, of course).

    I know BattleArena is like this, but my friends want something like this for my sevrer.
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    I think you should just use BattleArena, there is no reason you would get someone to recode something that already exists just because you want it for yourself. If you don't like BattleArena, there are a lot of other really good arena plugins.
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    I never said I wanted it for myself or that I don't like BattleArena. If it is on Bukkit, it *should* be available to all, I would think. Plus, reading the entire post, I would need numerous plugins, some of which I don't even know exist. I was asking for a new thing like this, no disrespect intended. Note: I have managed to do some of this with plugins and, but a good bit of things haven't been done yet. Like, the experience and points system and all its features, the winning system (that I am actually not sure is needed, as of now), the banning is a bit off, sometimes you die, and with Death Timeout you get banned but in the banned-players.txt it has them banned forever, instead of a week/24 hours. As well as the hostile mobs are not disabled, even with them spawning set to false in my . Considering this, does anyone have any help/plugins they know/have made that will help?

    EDIT: Seeing some of your plugins, those could help, but not with everything needed, of course.

    EDIT #2: Seeing a lot of your plugins are inactive and/or out-of-date, I would be happy to update them for you if you are busy, it was something I wanted to do, go around seeing if plugin-owners that needed to update but didn't have the time would let me do it for them.

    It might also turn into a whole world that is this, I think that was the plan. It is temp. an arena for "testing" as "they" call it.

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    Would it have destroyable blocks, chests with loot, and any other things like that? Also, would like like them to be banned for 24 hours or until midnight the next day? Also, why not just make them spectators when they die instead of banning them?

    A couple other things I forgot to ask: Would the server be dedicated to just this game, or would you like to be able to do a survival world or something like that (If you do, it will take longer and be harder)? Also, what commands would you like, if any? Finally, do you have any ideas for names?

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    Megalandrys Out of date doesn't always mean not working
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    Are all those things mentioned in the first bit in just BattlePlugins related things? If so, I'll forward all of this to the proper devs.

    As for my plugins, none of them are outdated since none of them use nms code, and only two plugins are inactive because they were silly plugins that I wasn't interested in.

    I also wasn't trying to be rude, I think I just misunderstood your initial post.
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    All the things were related to what I was asking for, except for off-shoots differing from what I asked, talking about your plugins or problems with BattleArena and the other battleplugins that I had/will have upon using from plugin description.

    Sorry, I did not know.

    It's fine, I didn't think you were being rude, just wanted to know you knew the initial point.

    I know.

    No destroyable blocks and you can not place blocks, this is done with PEX removing modifyworld.*, but I am not entirely sure if that disables chest opening. Chests with loot, the only problem is auto-refilling, which I am looking into. The banning is to make it easier and to give it the Hardcore aspect, like in a Path of Exile race. The ban would be 24 hours, yes.

    About your other post, I am not entirely sure yet, as right now I have another server folder entirely, but that means I can not run my regular server as they run on the same port and the 25565 port has been having problems. Commands would just be /spawn , /home , /sethome , /kit tools (or maybe just /pvpkit PvP , using other plugins, of course), and that would really be it. I have plugins that track your kills and make sure you can not use commands to get away in combat, so a lot of it is down, but again the ban system is messed up, as even though hardcore mode is false (I ham using Death Timeout), people still get banned forever for dying in hardcore half the time, and I have to manually unban them.

    Never mind, got two servers running now.

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