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    Plugin name: XPCommands [1.8-1.8.9]

    What this plugin supposed to do:
    More XP commands.

    Commands - Permissions
    /xpc give <player> <amount> - (xpc.admin) - Gives the specific amount of xp to a player.
    /xpc remove <player> <amount> - (xpc.admin) - Removes the spesific amount of xp from a player.
    /xpc add <player> <amount> - (xpc.admin) - Adds the specific amount of xp to a player.
    /xpc help - (xpc.admin) - List of all those commands.
    /xpc reload - (xpc.admin) - Reload the config.

    Give-XP: '&aYou gave <amount> xp to <player>'
    Remove-XP: '&cYou removed <amount> of xp from <player>'
    Add-XP: '&cYou added <amount> of xp to <player>'
    No-Perm: '&cYou don't have permission to do this.'
    Invalid-Args: '&cThis is not the correct command. try /xpc help'

    Thats all! take your time to make it!
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    Hey, i'll work on this for you, but i have a question.
    What's the difference between give and add?
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    This is built into Minecraft already (see: Commands/experience), and the default permission to do this on a bukkit server is minecraft.command.xp (source)
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    He need it for 1.8, i'm curently on spigot 1.8.8 and I can only give xp and levels

    Hey, i've got this so far.

    Try it and if you have any issues with it just let me know.

    EDIT: I did not test it yet.

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    Thank you soo much, working pretty good.
    If it easy to make it as levels?
    like /xpc give [player] 100 (levels)
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    Your welcome ;)
    For giving levels just use the command like this: /xpc give BigFlori 100L
    or removing /xpc remove BigFlori 100L
    So basically, if you put a capital L after the number it will be working with levels
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    oh, okey thats cool!!
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