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Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by Pr07o7yp3, Sep 15, 2014.

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    I have mobs with custom names. In 1.8 Mojang changed something and now I can see these custom names only when I'm very close to the mob?
    How to make it like 1.7?
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    Is it set to #setCustomNameVisible(true);
    ? (Not 100% sure that's the correct method, but something along those lines)
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    Ya, setCustomNameVisible(true).
    Like I said. In 1.7 works perfect, but in 1.8 doesn't. :(
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    Pr07o7yp3 is there already a 1.8 bukkit api then?
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    No, I'm using protocol hack.
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    I don't know why you seek support on the forums for this sort of issue. If you're using a protocol hack, then there's clearly going to be a long list of issues that we would fail to address due to the fact that you're not compiling your plugin against the latest Bukkit release. Seeing as there won't be a 1.8 update for Bukkit, you should either compile your plugins to run on Bukkit 1.7.9, or seek support for alternate server modifications that support Minecraft 1.8 elsewhere.
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    Pr07o7yp3 This forum is designed to provide support for Bukkit, not 3rd party forks :p
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    So, you are saying this bug it's because I'm using protocol hack? And actually, what is wrong with that I'm using it?
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    Pr07o7yp3 Is the protocol hack Spigot? If so, ask on the Spigot forums.
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    I asked in both places. So please, let's stick to the topic. Ty.
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    The topic is not related to Bukkit, and, as such, is not related to these forums.
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    Locked. We do not help support unofficial builds. Ask on the respective forums from now on please.
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