Customised Durability for armours

Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by RoloRotMG, Jul 30, 2018.

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    Hey there, I wanted to make leather armour as durable as diamond armour...

    I started out by trying to increase the unbreaking enchant using essentials and well, even with 4 digit numbers for unbreaking it seems like it isn't doing anything. It seems to be capping on Unbreaking 3 in terms of efficiency, any more is just not doing anything more.

    So I tried to look for plugins that would increase durability and there weren't any. So i started looking for other methods such as spawning leather armour sets that had 5 of each and where stacked on each other but this was super buggy and inconvenient so I started looking into custom enchant plugins.

    I found this plugin called "Random Package" that had a lot of things that suited a faction server, one of which was custom enchants. It had this enchant called "Hardened" which would do exactly what I needed. It added a % chance of durability points being upon being hit. With Hardened 1 for example every time you got hit there would be an 80% chance that your durability will be used but a 20% chance that the hit you took would not affect your armour. It seemed perfect however all the other things the plugin offered bugged out my server completely.

    With all these bugs there was nothing I could do so i had to leave it. It gave me so many console errors and the main one was an "InventoryClickEvent" error which stopped GUI's working properly like shops.

    If anyone could replicate this sort of thing I would be very thankful. Theres a couple of ways I imagine this could be done
    - Maybe we can make all leather armour as durable as diamond with a plugin
    - Or use a plugin that requires a special lore that would trigger this effect

    Either way, I do not mind

    - Rolo
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    I will happily do this for you, I just require some extra information. What version do you want this for, and also would you like me to make this permissions based, or make it for all leather armour without permissions. I can make a config so you can set the chance of hits not effecting durability like you said, which I think is the easiest way I could do it. And lastly, when do you require this by?

    EDIT: I made a version of this, here it is: DOWNLOAD
    This allows you to set if permissions are needed and also allows you to set the chance of hits registering in order to take durability. If you are looking to use the permission, it is: leather.use - this is only required if you set permissions needed to true.
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