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    Hello bukkit Developers!
    i wonder if u would make a plugin for me!
    i don't know if there other plugins like this so yea..

    Plugin name: CustomItemCommands

    What this plugin supposed to do: hold an item on ur hand,make a command on this item, right click on it and the command will apply!

    • /cmdadd [command] ---- cc.addcmd
    • /cmdadd permission [permission]//cmdaddp [permission] ---- cc.addperm
    • /cmdadd reload ---- cc.reload
    • /cmdremove [command] ---- cc.cmdremove
    • /cmdremove permission [permission]//cmdaddp [permission] ---- cc.cmdremovep

    Prefix: &6&lCOMMANDS &8>
    CommandAdded: %prefix% &aCommand/Permission created!
    CommandReload: %prefix% &aReloaded
    CommandRemove: %prefix% &aCommand/Permission removed

    Thats all! Im sry for my bad english! if i have something wrong fix it please :D
    Take your time to make it and make it good ^^

  2. You could just use Essentials PowerTool.
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    i want it so i give the item to players
  4. It's an interesting concept that I would like to explore. I'll tinker around a bit

    EDIT: Would you want it to ignore a player's permission when executing commands bound to items, or keep checking for them?
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    thnx u thats cool! nah ignoring ops only can make commands and players should getting the command
  6. Use MyCommand, it has everything u want lol
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    @TheOfficialSpinyGames its not what i want :/
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    I want to make this for the fun of it.

    What happens when a player uses an item with a command that they don't have permission to do. Does it run the command anyways, or cancel the command and send them a message.

    Also, what version of Minecraft?
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    1.8 (sorry i was late...i wasn't on my pc for 1 week)
    don't need permissions to use an item with command.
    only for commands /cmdadd (only op)
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