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Should players interact by trading with the NPC Villagers?

  1. Yes.

  2. No.

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  3. They should, but in a different way.

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  4. No, add new NPC's instead.

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    Plugin category: [​IMG]Wold Generation, [​IMG] Fun, [​IMG] Economy

    Suggested name: RPG Villages, Better Villages, Custom Villages

    What I want: I was roaming around my world the other day and came across a village. No offence to Notch or anything but lets face it, the villages aren't very appealing. So I thought how cool would it be if there was a number of custom built villages that 'Replaced' the existing village.

    Server Administrators would be able to put schematic files of what ever type of village, castle or house they want to be generated (If this is possible). There could be options to have two castles spawn near each other, If in the agreed range of the option there could be some events letting tnt off, expanding lava and obsidian. There could be a rarity from 0 to 100 of the chances of two castles spawning with in 2 chunks of each other.

    My Other idea is to also have the villages have trade GUI's and random names - For trading. Almost like using the Virtual Chest plugin. Right clicking a villager asks a question in chat like "Would you to trade Diamonds for Emeralds with John Paul? (4 Diamond = 1 Emerald) Type /trade accept or /trade deny". Once accepted It brings up the chest GUI, The player just moves the desired items of trade into the chest and the villager will put the item traded for into the players inventory.

    Sometimes there could be a rare big village/township.
    Smaller villages can be like this.​
    Ideas for commands:
    bv = Better Villages or what ever I decide to name it.
    /bv help [1,2,3...]
    /bv check - Checks the nearest village to you.
    /bv spawn [Name of village file]
    Thats about as much as I can think of right now :eek:.

    Ideas for permissions:
    bv.mod - Maybe if you only want mods to use /bv check.

    When I'd like it by: Any time.

    Thankyou for reading,

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    i would not do this cus then new players cloudz get a ton of free stuff from it
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    Just change the spawn rarity :eek:
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    That rare big village looks amazing, is there a download link for it.. or did you just google searched pics?
    Btw good idea.
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    Just google searched it sorry, and thanks :D
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    LOL, if u want it to be made into a plugin you have to make the villagers
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    Please read the [READ ME FIRST] -- You cannot reskin mobs.
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    Sorry I didn't realise...
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    If you'd still like this plugin, you can go ask the Spout folks. This is doable with Spout, but your users will need SpoutCraft.
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    mhmm, what part would be dependent on having the Spout Client
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    Being able to view the villager resin.

    Oh, but your BetterVillages idea can be done (as far as I know) with a Wgen Bukkit plugin.
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    Has any coders looked into this? This would be very amazing!
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    Great Idea, I really would like one like this, but these plugins are really rare. :p
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    Here's the droids you're looking for... can do all the world generating features you mentioned and much more!. Warning, because this plugin can literally do everything you wanted in world generation, it is also has a steep learning curve :) not for the faint hearted...

    For those Citizen traders you want.. Is much simpler and easy to use :)

    While you're at it... pick up and be amazed when you realise that it does 90% of plugin requests in a single bound
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    I have the terrain control installed and it works great but I was flying around and saw that the Vanilla villages didn't quiet fit in with the generated terrain. So thats when I came up with the idea of having custom generated ones. But thankyou for the other mod suggestions :D

    No sorry, No coders looked into it yet :'(

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    I really dont think the random village generation is easy to do

    What i would do to achieve your desired effect would be go trawl the internet for world edit schematics of village type buildings and then manually run around the world (flight/teleport) and spam pastes all over the place

    I reckon i could fill up a reasonably sized world with good looking villages in one good session (coupla hours)
    I realise that doesnt quite do what you're asking but it would still make a map that people can really enjoy

    And by manually placing stuff you can make it look much more realistic and natural than the random generation anyway. I'd be happy to share some of my house designs if you wanna get started on schematic hoarding
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    It's not to hard to do in a plugin! They already said above that it would use schematics! The point of a plugin is so you DON'T have to do the above :/
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    I know mate, i've read this post a couple of times.

    I just know from following the Terrain generator plugin that Block populating is a lot more complex than inital world generation.

    If somone does it, I'l be stoked enough that il use the plugin myself.

    I was just trying to offer him some way to get his desired effect in the interim :(

    Wish i could do more.
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    Oh right ok! :D That makes more sense :)

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