Custom Trees! Feedback requested

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by Kylegar, Jun 7, 2011.

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    So, Dinnerbone added custom terrain generation, and I went and added a populator for BO2 objects.

    What are BO2 objects?
    They were created by R-T-B for PhoenixTerrainMod (formerly BiomeTerrainMod), and since I wanted to learn populators, I am implementing BO2 objects for craftbukkit. You can see the thread for them here:
    and the PTM repository is here:
    and a visual BO2 editor is here:

    They work on any world, but right now I only support a small subset of BO2 features.


    More pics here:

    Right now, things will only spawn if tree=true. I'm working on a second pass that will allow tree=false objects to spawn.

    You can download a quick snapshot of what I got here:

    Do not use this on a live server. I have it working in CB833, and can't vouch for any other version. Additionally, it spawns alot and there are no configurations outside of the BO2 objects. This is not a release thread, but merely a tech demo of what is in progress.

    I would like some feedback. These fuckers spawn everywere and I want to tweak it to look better, and I'm thinking of doing per biome chances of having BO2 objects in them, and maybe a max of BO2 objects to spawn per chunk. Not sure yet.
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    Very cool. I've been waiting a while for the custom map generator, I love custom maps.
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    Looks epic! Saw this on Reddit, I can't wait for an official release!
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    Very cool. Any chance on releasing the source? I'd like to see how you accomplished this!
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    i can help u make this...
    i realy want to make some more trees!
    so if u want my help just say ok xD
    i can help u make more things when its getting bigger.
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