Custom Professions Plugin [1.6.2] Feedback Needed

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by Chaositic, Aug 18, 2013.

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    Hey guys, since there is no way to submit to Plugin Submissions any more, I decided I'd post here and get this plugin a bit more popular and hopefully receive some feedback at the same time.

    First a quick intro on it. I didn't make this plugin but I did design and then request it. The first time that I did was over a year ago so I re-made it for 2013 and it was taken on by The01Guy. I've worked with him on the actual design of it and shared the beta testing with him.

    This plugin is designed to work as a Custom Skill Levelling system for your server. You can still use mcMMO for abilities like Superbreaker but with Custom Professions, you can make your own version of Mining with your own ability associated with it. The video shows off lockpicking in the beginning using the plugin LoreLocks and it's very easy to set up as well. Other plugins featured in the video are:

    But remember, any plugin that you think would make good skills and abilities you should tell me about it. Any plugin that runs console commands after using a function (Example: MagicSpells ExternalCommand Spells) can make use of Custom Professions.

    Now, I need your help guys. We're coming close to release and we don't have a lot of feedback yet on how things work. So take a look at the image in my signature and if that doesn't satisfy you, you should take a look at the video too to see some of the basic possibilities with this plugin in action.

    I look forward to all feedback.
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    It's quite a good idea, I like how other plugins have been used instead of reinventing the wheel.
    I actually love that lock picking UI and system.
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    Thanks for the comment man. The lock picking UI credit goes to Lorelocks but yeah, it's an awesome plugin especially when combined with Custom Professions. I just wish more people would give feedback like what you've done. It'd really help me and The01Guy out.
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    I'm just bumping this because I want to know if anyone would be interested in seeing a video showing off skills working with ftb mods like Unleashed including:
    Mining XP from Copper Ore and other ores
    Farming XP from barley and other plants
    Crafting XP from making machines

    Any other ideas are welcome.
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