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    I'm currently making a sports map to play with my friends. I'm working on the squash court, but I need plugins to make it work. I would really appreciate it if someone would please make one that has the following features:

    -All blocks, except for ones that I configure, make things bounce exactly like the beds in the BouncyBeds plugin. However, they only bounce Ghast fireballs, and I can configure how high it bounces. One more thing is that if the fireball hits a block and bounces a second time in a row, it will only be launched half as high.

    -Ghast fireballs obey gravity and will fall. How fast they fall can be adjusted in the config.yml file. Also, how fast they move can be configured too, so I can use both of these to make an angle at which it falls.

    -Ghast fireballs, when hit, only fly the same distance as a normal mob before falling. I can use MCEdit to make different "racquets" that can be switched to tell how strong you want to hit the ball, like in the this map:

    I really, really would like someone to make this plugin, and I would be forever grateful!
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    I can look into this if you would like?
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    So is it possible?
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    Yes it is quite possible.
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    I shall be very interested I'm watching how this comes along, looks good!

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    Yeah, I really want to have it done. I designed the court and made a texture pack for it.

    Also could someone make it so a dispenser can shoot out Ghast fireballs?

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    Bump again.
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    Bump once more.
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    Dispencer already do shoot out firecharges.
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    Oh, I didn't know.
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    Bump again.
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    Can anyone please do this?
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    This needs more attention
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    Anchll .-. Nice bump for it.. It's almost been a month and you have to revive it..
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    At least he didn't bump it every 5 minutes..
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    It's just that I can't see why it's so hard for someone to make a plugin for this.
  20. if you think it's easy, you make it
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    I don't know how, but it still doesn't seem like too many things to add.

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