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Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by nite, Aug 25, 2014.

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    Hi, so I saw this server on a website and put the IP into my server list and they have their player count like this (See below), So I was wondering how I would go about creating a plugin that did this or if there is a plugin that does this?

  2. I think that they use a custom version of craftbukkit, that sets the version of the server to a custom message like you saw.
  3. I'm wondering how to do this too. Anyone help?
  4. How to do what?

    Create custom server count? I said it before.

    Create custom craftbukkit? You can download the source on their github.
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    It can't be bukkit, only minecraft can do this. Therefore I assume they are making some sort of MOTD that ovverides the normal player count. This could be done via a plugin.
  6. @ProMCKkingz Do you know what plugin?
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  8. The server send the version (the nms server), if you download the source of craftbukkit, you also download the Nms ( i think).
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    Yes, but surely if they made a custom bukkit version, they would need that 'custom' bukkit's own plugins. So they would have to make ALL of their plugins, which I think is not the case
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  12. That's not true, look at spigot for an example (this is not advertising). They have the multi version thing and they run normal bukkit plugins. You only change a small part.
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    nite can you tell me which server that is? or send in a PM
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    This can be done via ProtocolLib, not sure how but a developer friend once made it via that plugin.
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    In ServerListPlus I use the outdated version name (modifyable using ProtocolLib) to display custom player slot formats. However, I do also check that the client is not outdated by checking his protocol version, that's quite important because if you don't do that outdated clients will see the custom player slots and not the version they need to use. It's actually quite easy to implement, but ServerListPlus will be able to handle most use cases.
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