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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by RiotAboyte, May 14, 2016.

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    Can someone make a plugin where Its Somewhat like the vein-miner mod/plugin where if you mine a block it will mine is a [Number]x[Number]x[Number] area you give them
    It will also be cool if you can add more enchantments like explosive or Flat pick Where if you mine a block it mines in a [N]x[N] Flat

    I Think it will be cool if you could do
    /pickedit gui
    Brings up a Gui where you can edit The [N]x[N]x[N] where the pick mines at
    /pickgive [Type Of Pick] [Player] [Enchantments]
    /pickgive 278(diamondPick) RiotAboyte VEIN:1 DIG_SPEED:3
  2. Yes, I can do that for you... but I don't understand what you mean by the GUI
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    I mean like a gui that you can edit the area where you mine IF that makes sense.
    Theres 5 blocks.
    [Exaple] [Dirt] If you click one that has a different Mining area like 3x3x3 they the vein mines in that area
    Or a [gravel] that mines in a 4x4x4 then the vein mines in that area.

    Does that make sense?
  4. Honestly... no...
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    Well can you just do the vein so it mines in a 5x5 area
  6. But that would be achieved with /pickgive <TYPE> <PLAYER> VEIN:5, right? I don't understand why you'd need a GUI for that
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    Yea Lets ditch the GUI
    Feel free to tell me when you have more ideas for it, I'll add most of them:)

    Note that currently there is a problem where you have to extract the files from the ZIP package for it to work (because one of the config values is needed to start the plugin)

    /pickgive currently has the following enchantments:
    CUBE:x mines a cube
    STONE:x mines all stone from a cube
    FLAT:x mines a cube, but maintain the same Y value
    MACHINE: automatic mining
    SPEED:x gives haste x
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    Great! thanks man!
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