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    Plugin category: Custom Music

    Suggested name: Custom Music

    What I want: I'll like to see this plugin let me import my Music and the you can choose the music u want in a Gui that let them pick what they want and i want the plugin to have a Gui to pick the Radio that let you hear the music shuffled up so they dont here them over and over. I want the plugin to also have when you level up you unlock more music

    Ideas for commands:
    /cm play (number,Radio),/cm stop (number,Raido),/cm list (shows all music

    Ideas for permissions:,,custommusic.list

    When I'd like it by: 10/18/14
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    You cannot add custom music using bukkit.
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    Infuzion You can with resource packs
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    While that is true, I feel like a dedicated and well built plugin for this shouldn't be made unless resource packs can be made mandatory. I understand the want/need for an option but I think that servers should be able to require a resource pack to play, that way you can install just sounds or custom models etc to clients that join the server. Because of the new layering system with resource packs I find this to be a rather essential feature.
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    All conversations must remain on the Thread. You can explain it to him on here.
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    RingOfStorms nvm i would like to keep the name but in would like to have the server have a server radio where i imput my music and then when a player types /radio it goes on and when a again its off

    mrCookieSlime would you to be a dev on my server reply back please

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    Probably not.
    I dont even know anything about your Server.
    Also I am a busy person and don't play that much on Vanilla Servers.
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    ... By Vanilla I meant non-modpack. I usually play modpacks with some friends.
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    Create a resource pack with custom Sounds as music.
    For example you created and registered a Song under the name: "gangnam"
    (Google for a tutorial on how to create custom Sounds)
    Then upload your Resource Pack to e.g. Dropbox
    (You obviously do not need a tutorial for this...)
    Now go to and define under server-resource-pack or so your Dropbox Link
    (Again, no need for a tutorial, it is simply copy/paste...)
    In Chest Commands define an Item to execute /playsound player gangnam
    (Look at the Plugin Page, there should be a tutorial)
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