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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by Ult_Drago, Jul 6, 2020.

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    Firstly, I am aware that there are already plugins, but they include a TONNE of config, and I have no clue how to work with config.

    Minecraft version:
    Preferably 1.16.1

    Suggested name: CustomBosses

    What I want: Since I am ABSOLUTELY terrible at config, I want to be able to edit everything in a custom, clean GUI. So that I can edit how much damage it does, power ups, special effects and more.

    Ideas for commands:
    /custombosses [mob] [bossname] opens up a GUI where I can edit the mob and it's abilities.
    /custombosses edit [bossname] so if I exit it for testing, I can easily return and continue.
    /custombosses egg [bossname] gives an egg of the custom mob
    /custombosses summon [bossname] ~ ~ ~ so that I can summon it using command blocks

    Feel free to make commands that you think will fit in with this plugin.

    Ideas for permissions: I don't really understand config, so feel free to make it whatever you want, but can you later please explain it all to me.

    When I'd like it by: I don't really mind, since I believe that this might be a hard task.

    Thank you :)

    b u m p

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    The reason why its so config heavy it's because its extremly easy for us to work with it

    Gonna give you some points on why no one will make a GUI system for this kind of plugin

    1.The config is not often modified,you configure the plugin once then the chance of you going back to modify again is pretty slim

    2.A GUI system is one of the most annoying,tiresome and wastefull thing someone can do to a plugin,its taking a really long time to make it

    As example this is a config for a boss plugin i made a long time ago
      health: 20
        Type: DIAMOND_HELMET
        - protection 2
        - protection 2
        - protection 2
        Type: DIAMOND_BOOTS
        - protection 2
        Type: BOW
        - power 5
        - flame 1
    It's pretty straight forward,doing a GUI for this would take twice as long

    So better start to like working with configuration
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    Also Bukkit, Spigot, and Paper 1.16.1 is not stable. 1.16.2 will be coming out with Piglin Brutes, so I suggest waiting until there is a stable version. There will be many, many bugs with Bukkit Spigot + Paper in 1.16 until the last sub-version comes out.
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    If you have a plugin already made, can I please have it and I'll play around with it :/
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    Sadly no,that was an example from a custom made plugin for a friend,its not public
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    b u m p
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    If you don't get a solution, use MythicMobs. It requires a complex config but if no one responds that's your best solution I would think. It's also really hard for someone to do this request partly because it's so much easier for them to use a config file. Hope this helps
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    Okay thanks..
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    This is the plugin.
    /cmb is the main command
    I hate GUIs
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