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    We all know that given the "default" configuration of mcMMO, it can easily bloat any sane server's economy (unless they are specialised to deal with that) - for example, the skill "Hylian Luck" allows one to collect gold nuggets, diamonds, and emeralds from flower pots, which is simply too much (considering how you can easily place them back). And not every feature of mcMMO is fully configurable, meaning that could run into some problems.

    So I proposed a ticket on the mcMMO issues page, requesting that configurable costs be added to every skill, but that was unfortunately denied. However, they did make an addition to their API that would allow this idea to be possible.

    BUT! One small difference I want to make from my ticket is to possibly add costs to passive skills too. If it's not possible, that's okay. But if it is, I want the cost to be applied every time the passive skill goes off - and if the cost can't be met at the time it's supposed to fire, the passive skill is effectively canceled. This is because I believe some passive skills are also overpowered.

    Another small difference that I'd like to make would be that the cost is dependent not only on the skill, but on what the skill is being applied to. So for example, not only can there be a cost for Giga Drill Breaker, but there can be a separate cost for every stone you break while the skill is activated, and a different cost for every dirt you break, and etc. Another example would be that "Hylian Luck" has a different cost depending on what kind of block you break (assuming the skill has activated upon the block breaking). To elaborate, if you break a flower pot, and "Hylian Luck" kicks in, you must pay the configured "cost" - otherwise the flower pot breaks and no bonus drops (like diamonds, emeralds, and gold nuggets) occur. If you break a flower pot and the skill doesn't kick in, obviously the cost shouldn't apply - the pot just breaks and drops itself.

    (If you want to see all the details of my request, look at the ticket. I know it's convoluted, but if you need a summarisation or a clarification, feel free to ask.)

    Here's a nice, organised list of things I pulled from the "Plugin Requests Guide" and then some:

    Suggested name: mcmmoCosts (Not creative, I know, but it's pretty explanatory)

    What I (and probably many others) Want: A configurable cost on activation of any skill. See ticket for details.

    Reasons why it is worth implementing: mcMMO makes Minecraft unchallenging when it comes to gaining resources. Thus there needs to be a cost - a cost on convenience that is. The first paragraph of this request and my ticket makes some pretty good points too.

    Ideas for Commands: Because this is just an add-on to enhance mcMMO, no commands are needed.

    Ideas for Permissions: The only permissions I can think of, are something like this: "mcmmo.<abilityname>.costexempt", to exempt the player with the permission from the cost. But other than that, none will be needed.

    When I'd like it by: Anytime is fine, but I'm expecting it'll take around... 2-3 months.

    Questions? Comments? Concerns? Criticisms? Feel free to post them below!
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    Speed bump.
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    Yet another bump.

    I'm sure that I'm not the only one who wants this - and any criticism/comments about my ideas are helpful, so long as it's constructive and not ad hominem.
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    Hopefully I'm not asking for too much. :p
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    Good idea just difficult to develop......
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    Just to be clear for anyone reading this, I'm not looking for a "private" plugin that only one developer will make. I'm fine if this plugin gets developed by one or many people, and I would prefer (though it's not required) that the plugin be posted on dev.bukkit for all to see and use (because I know I'm not the only one who'd want this).
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    Bumping again.

    So I'm guess I might be asking for a bit much. If only this idea were part of the main mcMMO plugin...
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    This is easy lol.....
    public void onAbility(McMMOPlayerAbilityActivateEvent e) {
    if (econ.getBalance(e.getPlayer().getName()) =< <cost>) {
    e.getPlayer().sendMessage(ChatColor.RED + "You do not have the needed " + <cost> + " to do that!"
    EconomyResponse r = econ.withdrawPlayer(e.getPlayer().getName(), <cost>);
    if(r.transactionSuccess()) {
    e.getPlayer().sendMessage(ChatColor.GREEN + "Success you used an ability for " + <cost>);
    Thats using vault. If you need help doing this add me on skype: harry.devane
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    The issue is, I don't know how to code. At all. And not everyone knows how to code, just because they're involved with the server business and the like. You could just tell me to pick up a book and start learning. You're probably right, but I can't learn that fast (and I'm just starting to learn C++). You could also probably argue I (and maybe others) shouldn't even think about running a server without knowing how to program, but I've my own reasons for doing this anyway.

    Another small issue is that I don't use Skype (I barely even know what Skype is), nor do I want to use it. Which is my loss, but oh well. I was kind of hoping someone would just post the plugin on dev.bukkit and link me to it on this forum, but maybe that's not how things work around here. :p

    Anyhow, I can't decipher any of the code you've just pasted, but I believe what you pasted up there has to do with removing cash from the player's account. I was thinking of "cost" more in terms of "items" than cash. This is because using cash can easily lead to imbalances in gameplay. (A general idea is that rich players can fight poor players more effectively.) If what I interpreted from your paste was completely wrong, then sorry for my misinterpretation.

    I'll just continue my quest of patience if the need be. Thank you for your input by the way, I appreciate it! :)
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    Err, bump.
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    As i said add me on skype. harry.devane

    Nevermind, ill get it done and pm it here
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    Thank you for working on this, I really appreciate it! :D
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    I don't mean to rush you in any way, but do you have an estimated time in which you'll get it done?
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    I know that I'm resurrecting a pretty old thread, but I thought that instead of making a new thread identical to this one, I'd just bring this back.

    So the question stands: is anyone willing to do this? I would do this myself, but I've no knowledge of code. (And simply telling me to learn Java wouldn't be a particularly helpful solution either.)
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    Maybe I'm asking for way too many features to be implemented, so I should perhaps request something simple first.

    How about a flat, item cost for activating any skill, both active and passive? So for instance, each time I use Green Thumb, it uses up not only a seed, but something else I specify, like five vines, or a bar of gold. Or each time Hylian Luck activates, the plugin looks for "x" item, and if it's not there, it cancels the ability from activating.

    This is far simpler, and still balances the (seriously) overpowered nature of mcMMO.

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