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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by xLivUrLif3x, Jun 20, 2014.

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    Hey Everyone, Can someone please help me? I don't know how to make a magic spell that has particles, can someone help me please?

    I also need help making a spell that releases a firework at the casters feet.

    (The plugin is MagicSpells).
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    I don't want to spoon feed you the code, so ill just explain briefly in words

    First of all, create a player interact event. Check if the action is a right click or whatever, then check if the event player's item in hand is whatever you want. Then get event player and and launch a projectile like so - event.getPlayer().launchProjectile(Snowball.class)

    Does the first spell need a particle effect on impact, or a trail of particles?
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    So use schedulers or tasks and API to particles
    getLocation of snowball and do particles :)
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    Does the OP just want help configuring MagicSpells, or is this a real dev question?
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    Alright. So I understand you all use eclipse to code you're spells. I don't use eclipse. I go with the configs. I need help using the effects. So If I wanted to cast a spell, and then make the spell circle around my target, how would I go about doing that without using eclipse? I need it for this spell:

    (Yes, Jutsu. Its naruto :p)
    "Shadow Suffocation Jutsu":
    spell-class: ".instant.ParticleProjectileSpell"
    projectile-velocity: 5
    hug-surface: true
    projectile-spread: 1
    height-from-surface: 0.1
    particle-name: blockcrack_173
    particle-speed: 0.5
    particle-count: 150
    tick-interval: 2
    particle-horizontal-spread: 1
    particle-vertical-spread: 0.1
    max distance: 20
    hit-players: true
    hit-non-players: true
    targeted: true
    spell: "Mind Stun Jutsu"
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    xLivUrLif3x This is a section for developing plugins, not for configuring them.
    If you have a problem with configuring a plugin, it belongs in Bukkit Help.
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    Moved to a more appropriate section...?
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    So, Ive got a different question. I have pretty much mastered everything besides nova effect. So lets say I wanted to make a spell that creates a nova effect as a homing missile. So using the Homing missile, I want to figure out how to make a nova with particles that places the blocks as the homing missile goes. Could anyone help me? This is how to make a regular nova maybe you can figure something off this? Thanks.

        spell-class: ".instant.ParticleProjectileSpell"
        name: Gold-Line
        spell-icon: sand
        cast-item: gold_ingot
        cooldown: 1
        projectile-velocity: 20
        particle-name: tilecrack_41_12
        projectile-gravity: 0
        particle-horizontal-spread: 0.5
        particle-vertical-spread: 0.5
        spell: <Insert Damage Spell>
        tick-interval: 2
        hit-players: true
        particle-count: 50
        special-effect-interval: 1
        target-players: true
            - special nova 41 12 0 400
        max-distance: 25
        speed: 2
        max-duration: 25
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