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Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by Rellac, Jan 1, 2015.

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    Considering the relatively new resource packs and the 1.8 updates to them allowing custom shapes, would it be possible to create custom items utilising these packs?

    I used to use spout when it existed, and the way custom items were handled there were by using flint with data values and assigning them a name and texture.

    I don't mind that these items wouldn't exist for those without the pack downloaded (just like they wouldn't work if you hadn't downloaded apout), but I'd like to know if it would be possible at all to create some custom items as such.
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    No? ):
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    @Rellac You can only use existing items in vanilla Minecraft but you are free to adjust the name, lore, effects (with some EventHandler trickery) etc. using the Bukkit API. You cannot create any new items though.
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    @leon3001 yes, this was exactly what I was planning to do, I wasn't sure if I would be able to reference a sprite within a resource pack though. Eg. As I said, with spout, custom items would generally be flints with a data value and custom lore as you've said, but would reference a sprite hosted somewhere online. This can't be done within bukkit afaik, but it seems to make sense that I may be able to reference something within a resource pack.
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    I'd love to know if this is possible (like, *really*)- but I don't think it is. Both the server and client effectively ignore "damage" or other data on items that "doesn't make sense" in terms of vanilla MC. So I don't think you can apply damage values to flint, say, much less assign custom textures for each damage value.

    I think MCPatcher does something like this client-side (specifically allowing you to assign a unique texture per damage value) but I don't know if that covers the case of CraftBukkit wanting to ignore/toss out your custom data values.

    If I could find some way to do this without client mods, using some combination of clever data manipulation and resource packs, I would be re-tooling my entire plugin around the notion of custom item textures :)
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